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Holidays in Clipperton Island

Understanding Clipperton Island

This isolated island was named after John Clipperton, a British pirate It is claimed that he made it his hideout early in the 18th century to attack passing shipping Annexed by France in 1855, it was seized by Mexico in 1897 Arbitration eventually awarded the island to France, which took possession in 1935 Its former name, Passion Island, was officially given in 1711 by French discoverers and is sometimes still used Since World War II the island is uninhabited

Talking in Clipperton Island

As a territory of Australia, English is the most common language spoken on Christmas Island, but is not universal Many senior residents speak dialects of Chinese and Malay as a first language All signs are in English

What to see in Clipperton Island

  • Clipperton Rock in the south-east is the first thing you'll see when approaching the atoll It is a volcanic outcrop, 29 meters high, and the only really elevated place on the island On the rock you may find the ruins of an old lighthouse, erected by Mexico in 1906 If you're short on scary stories at night, you can think of the last lighthouse keeper, Victoriano Álvarez After the other males on the island had died in 1917, he found himself alone with 15 women and children He went mad and started raping and killing, until he himself was killed by one of the women
  • There are several coconut palm tree groves on the island At the largest one there are remains of US Navy buildings from WWII Old machinery and munitions from this time can be found around the island
  • Two wrecks from Mexican fishing boats, Lily Marie and Oco, are on the shores Just make sure you don't repeat their mistake
  • There is a shack remaining of a 1996 NASA radar site, constructed to track a French rocket launch from French Guinea The rocket malfunctioned and exploded soon after launch, however

What to do in Clipperton Island

  • Fishing in the waters outside Clipperton Island attracts far more tourists than the island itself The waters are a habitat for, amongst others, the rare Clipperton Angelfish
  • Wildlife-watching will be a part of your day whether you like it or not, despite the fact that there are not many species on the island A few species compensate by their numbers, namely the bright orange crabs that can be counted in thousands, and some species of birds In total there are 13 bird species on the island, not counting migratory birds The only mammals on Clipperton Island are rats, brought to the island by wrecked ships
  • Snorkeling and diving in the waters can be a rewarding experience since there are dolphins around

Buying stuff in Clipperton Island

Although 115 species of fish have been identified in the territorial waters of Clipperton Island, the only economic activity is tuna fishing There is speculation, however, that the isolated island may be used as a meeting point for drug traders

To get gifts for the kids, check out some booby nests Scientist Lance Milbrand, who stayed on the island for 41 days in 1994, reports that kid's toys and lots of other plastic junk tend to appear on the shore, probably after having been carried across the ocean from other, more crowded beaches The birds have started incorporating plastic toys in their nests

Food and eating in Clipperton Island

Bring your own food or be prepared for a diet of fish and the occasional coconut Avoid the crabs, since they are poisonous to eat

Drinking in Clipperton Island

You cannot bring too much water - estimate at least around 10 liters per day or even more The water from the lagoon in the middle, while not tasting very good, has yet to be proven undrinkable

Accommodation in Clipperton Island

There are no accommodations on Clipperton Island, you will have to set up your own camp Bring earplugs since you'll have to cope with the noise from thousands of birds The hordes of crabs are a real nuisance so prepare your camp accordingly with fencing to keep them out The rats will be interested too, so move your trash away from your camp and keep your tent closed You don't want to get bitten by a diseased rat when you're on a deserted island

Working in Clipperton Island

It is difficult for non-locals to find employment on Christmas Island The largest employers on the island are the small scale phosphate mining and federal/local government

The most common way of obtaining employment on Christmas Island for non-locals is to check government positions advertised on the Australian mainland Federal Government Employment Gazette, there are occasionally posting for teachers on several years contract from Australia

National Parks, Federal Police and positions related to the Detention Center are occasional advertised on Newspaper and Government Gazette

Also check http://apsjobsgovau online for posting at Christmas Island

Cities in Clipperton Island

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