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Holidays in French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Understanding French Southern and Antarctic Lands

The Southern Lands consist of two near-polar archipelagos, Iles Crozet and Iles Kerguelen, and two volcanic islands, Ile Amsterdam and Ile Saint-Paul They have no permanent inhabitants and are visited only by researchers studying the native fauna The "Antarctic Lands" portion consists of Adelie Land, a thin slice of the Antarctic continent discovered and claimed by the French in 1840, and set aside by the Antarctic Treaty

Talking in French Southern and Antarctic Lands

The official languages are French and Tahitian English is also widely spoken particularly in tourist areas

Here are the main Tahitian words that you may pick up from a conversation:

  • Aita = no
  • E = yes
  • Fare = house
  • Ia ora na = Good Morning
  • Ma'a = food
  • Maeva = welcome
  • Maita'i? = How are you?
  • Mauruuru = Thank you
  • Nana = Goodbye
  • Pape = water
  • Tama'a = Let's eat

Tahitians have a tendency to mix up French and Tahitian words in their conversation, so don't be surprised

Buying stuff in French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Economic activity is limited to servicing meteorological and geophysical research stations and French and other fishing fleets The fish catches landed on Iles Kerguelen by foreign ships are exported to France and Reunion

Food and eating in French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Fine food in Tahiti and her Islands is typically a natural style of cooking based on fresh products exotically blended There is a presence of European cuisine within a tropical setting Asian cooking has also added its own tastes and textures

Fish of all kinds, whether tuna, bonito, mahimahi or the many varieties of lagoon fish are prepared in many different ways: roasted, boiled and raw

The top rated dishes are raw fish a la tahitienne which is marinated in lemon juice and coconut milk and the very popular Chinese ma'a tinito which is a mixture of pork, kidney beans, chinese cabbage and macaroni

Family occasions and celebrations are the time for a huge tamara'a Tahiti Tahitian-style feasts where a meal consisting of suckling pig, fish, breadfruit, yams and fe'i bananas is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed in an earth-dug oven over layers of hot rocks

The larger hotels organize big buffet evenings that offer a vast panorama of local culinary delights accompanied by traditional dance performances

Do note that tipping is not a custom in Tahiti and her Islands

Drinking in French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Bottles of water are readily available Being a French territory, wine is common and easy to find As this is a tropical island, a multitude of fruit juices from pineapple juice to coconut milk are to be found everywhere Pineapple juice from Moorea is not to be missed! It is sometimes better to crack open your own coconut yourself and drain it for lunch Orange juice is the states favorite drink and oranges are grown all along the coastlines

If you're a fan of beer, the Hinano Beer will definitely be one you will like to taste and bring a few cans home

Accommodation in French Southern and Antarctic Lands

There is no public accommodation in these islands

Working in French Southern and Antarctic Lands

For European people coming from an EU country, working in French Guiana is allowed without problem If you're from outside the EU, you will probably need a work permit - check with the French Embassy in your country Do not forget though that the unemployment rate is high But if you work in the health sector doctor, nurse, it will be much easier

Voluntary service: Volontariat Civil à l'Aide Technique VCAT, 8 Conditions: you must be French or from another EU-member state or a country belonging to the European Economic Area You must be over 18 and under 28 years old inclusive You must not have had your civic rights revoked by a court or have been convicted of certain offences

Cities in French Southern and Antarctic Lands

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