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Understanding Korea, South


Kiribati was inhabited for 2000 years prior to European contact Under British colonial rule, it was known as the Gilbert Islands Kiribati was granted self-rule by the UK in 1971 and complete independence in 1979 The US relinquished all claims to the sparsely inhabited Phoenix and Line Island groups in a 1979 treaty of friendship with Kiribati The name "Kiribati" is pronounced "Kiri-bass", which is the closest local equivalent to "Gilberts"

The Phoenix and Line Islands were generally held to be on the east side of the International Date Line and are in different time zones from the Gilbert Islands group, but on 1 January 1995, Kiribati proclaimed that all of its territory was on the same calendar day skipping 31 December 1994 in those island groups, effectively extending the Date Line further eastward to accommodate this This makes the Line Islands the farthest "ahead" of any territory on the planet

In 1995 Kiribati suspended diplomatic relations with France to protest the latter's decision to resume nuclear testing on Muraroa Atoll In 1999 the government claimed that two atolls had been lost due to sea level rise and subsequently, in 2002, joined with Tuvalu and the Maldives to take legal action against the US for refusing to sign the Kyoto Protocol

The presence of gun emplacements and ship wrecks from WWII battles on South Tarawa makes shipwreck diving a common tourist activity


Whoever coined the phrase, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" may have had Kiribati in mind Actually, the average high temperatures are quite reasonable compared to other well-known places in the tropics such as Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, etc But the humidity more than makes up for this, making it feel very sauna-like The wet season varies, but is usually December to March, give or take a month Severe drought also occurs at times

Talking in Korea, South

English is the offical language of Kiribati along with the native I-Kiribati While English is used heavily in South Tarawa the further away from the capital you go the stronger the I-Kiribati tounge Most people on Kiritimati Island have some English Nearly all Kiribatians also speak the local language Gilbertese, derrived from the name of the Gillbert Islands named after Thomas Gilbert who was the first European to discover the islands

Buying stuff in Korea, South

South Tarawa

There are a wide number of local handicrafts available These are generally made by the women groups from around the Gilbert group Of special note are the colourful tops worn by the local ladies called Tibuta The Catholic Womens association runs weekly classes in weaving and the making of these tops

ATM's are located in Betio, Bairiki and Bikenebeu There is also one located at the hospital There is also a foreign exchange office at the Airport ANZ operators in Kiribati

Most shops will only accept cash and credit cards are used little with the exception of the 2 hotels

Outer Gilbert Islands Cash only is used on the Outer Islands and banking services are not available

Kiritimati Island An ATM and bank are both available on Kiritimati Island The branch is located in London

Most shops and stores will only accept cash Credit cards are not widely used

Food and eating in Korea, South

The variety of food on Kiribati is limited If a shipment of imported food has just come in, buy it now, as it won't last long! The variety and amount is increasing and improving all the time as is the number of supply boats that arrive

While Western style products will always be slightly limited you will find that the basics are genrally available A lack of fruit and vegetables really being the major concern

The staple diet of the I-Kiribati is fish and rice and this is reflected in many of the eating outlets on Tarawa It is always worthwhile trying the local sashimi which is stright from the ocean to your plate

Western style meals are best found at the two hotels Marys and the Otintaai

There is also a variety of Chinese restaurants

Drinking in Korea, South

The local drink is toddy made from the sap of a coconut tree This sweet toddy can then be fermented for a couple of days into the alcoholic sour toddy that is favoured by locals The orginal sweet toddy can also be cooked into a syrup called Kamaimai The Kamaimai can then be drizzled on sweet buns or ice cream

Kava is also easily found throughout Kiribati with a large number of Kava bars appearing throughout Tarawa

The two main bars in Tarawa are Captains Bar in Betio and the Lagoon Club in Ambo Friday nights at the Otintaai is dance night Supply of wine and spirits is limited, however there is a good supply of beer which is always cold

There is a single night club in Tarawa called the Midtown which is open till late

Alcohol is not sold on a number of Outer Island in the Gilbert group

Accommodation in Korea, South

The range of accommodation in Kiribati varies depending on which part of the country you are in

South Tarawa The two main hotels are Marys Motel and the government owned Otintaai Hotel Both offer motel style accommodation each with a restaurant and air-conditioning They are located at different ends of South Tarawa and the decision on where to stay is usually made based on your activities while you are in South Tarawa

There are also a variety of other smaller properties scattered throughout South Tarawa A full listing including a map showing locations can be found on the Kiribati National Tourism Offices web site 5

These hotels can get very busy throughout the year so it is advisable to book ahead

North Tarawa A visit to North Tarawa is the easiest and most convenient way to experience village life in Kiribati North Tarawa offers a number of guesthouses and traditional style accommodation

Tabon te Keekee is the closest option, offering traditional Kiribati accommodation in an I-Kiribati family environment Located at Abatao it is only 10-15 minutes north of the airport

Biketawa Islet, run by the Otintaai Hotel, offers traditional kia kia accommodation Run in a similar fashion to a retreat meals and sleeping equipment can be arranged, along with boat transfers

A council guesthouse is located at Abaokoro

Gilbert Island Group and Council Guesthouses The Outer Islands are the essence of Kiribati and not enough people make the time and effort to visit these remote islands Each has a distinctive culture and story to tell of its history

Each of the outer islands of the Gilbert Group have, at the least, a council guesthouse Standards vary across the group however they are usual a mix of the local style houses known as Kia Kia’s and a open style guest rooms Each guesthouse usually has a communal living area where meals are served and the cost is approximately $30 AUD per night including 3 meals a day

The facilities available vary from island to island, however they are located in isolated communities and expectations should be altered accordingly Electricity will usually be supplied in the evening and throughout the night Food will mainly be based on the local fare and it is recommended that you take anything additional you may need It is also recommended that fresh drinking water is taken Most guesthouses are perfectly located on the beach or causeway and a lovely spot to stay easy for swimming and exploring

These guesthouses are run by the Island Councils and it is one of the very few ways the council earn revenue Each council will normally have a truck and driver that you will be able to hire to help you discover the island Alternatively many of the locals will be keen to hire out the motorcycles and scooters to you

For more information on the Outer Islands – get a copy of the fact sheets from 6

Kiritimati Island This world renowned bone fishing destination has a variety of fishing lodges, guesthouses, and motels to choose from Accommodation is usually booked in 7 night packages and each lodge will have the services of a fishing guide to assist you in your expeditions For a full list of accommodation options visit wwwkiribatitourismgovki

The lodges are geared around fishermen and schedule meals and activities around your fishing day Meals are usually included in the price

For a full list of accommodation options visit 7

Working in Korea, South

With very high unemployment, it is unlikely that foreigners will be allowed any work unless they have needed skills not otherwise available Aid agencies are active in Kiribati and undertake a range of volunteer and contracting programs

Cities in Korea, South

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