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Laos holidays

Information about Laos

Modern-day Laos has its roots in the ancient Lao kingdom of Lan Xang, established in the 14th century under King FA NGUM. For 300 years Lan Xang had influence reaching into present-day Cambodia and Thailand, as well as over all of what is now Laos. After centuries of gradual decline, Laos came under the domination of Siam (Thailand) from the late 18th century until the late 19th century when it became part of French Indochina. The Franco-Siamese Treaty of 1907 defined the current Lao border with Thailand. In 1975, the communist Pathet Lao took control of the government ending a six-century-old monarchy and instituting a strict socialist regime closely aligned to Vietnam. A gradual, limited return to private enterprise and the liberalization of foreign investment laws began in 1988. Laos became a member of ASEAN in 1997 and the WTO in 2013.

Laos's economy

The government of Laos, one of the few remaining one-party communist states, began decentralizing control and encouraging private enterprise in 1986. The results, starting from an extremely low base, were striking - growth averaged 6% per year from 1988-2008 except during the short-lived drop caused by the Asian financial crisis that began in 1997. Laos' growth exceeded 7% per year during 2008-13. Despite this high growth rate, Laos remains a country with an underdeveloped infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. It has a basic, but improving, road system, and limited external and internal land-line telecommunications. Electricity is available in 83 % of the country. Laos' economy is heavily dependent on capital-intensive natural resource exports. The labor force, however, still relies on agriculture, dominated by rice cultivation in lowland areas, which accounts for about 25% of GDP and 73% of total employment. Economic growth has reduced official poverty rates from 46% in 1992 to 26% in 2010. The economy also has benefited from high-profile foreign direct investment in hydropower, copper and gold mining, logging, and construction though some projects in these industries have drawn criticism for their environmental impacts. Laos gained Normal Trade Relations status with the US in 2004 and applied for Generalized System of Preferences trade benefits in 2013 after being admitted to the World Trade Organization earlier in the year. Laos is in the process of implementing a value-added tax system. Simplified investment procedures and expanded bank credits for small farmers and small entrepreneurs will improve Laos' economic prospects. The government appears committed to raising the country's profile among investors, but suffered through a fiscal crisis in 2013 brought about by public sector wage increases, fiscal mismanagement, and revenue shortfalls. The World Bank has declared that Laos' goal of graduating from the UN Development Program's list of least-developed countries by 2020 is achievable, and the country is preparing to enter the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

Issues in Laos

southeast Asian states have enhanced border surveillance to check the spread of avian flu; talks continue on completion of demarcation with Thailand but disputes remain over islands in the Mekong River; concern among Mekong River Commission members that China's construction of dams on the Mekong River and its tributaries will affect water levels; Cambodia and Vietnam are concerned about Laos' extensive upstream dam construction Illicit drugs: estimated opium poppy cultivation in 2008 was 1,900 hectares, about a 73% increase from 2007; estimated potential opium production in 2008 more than tripled to 17 metric tons; unsubstantiated reports of domestic methamphetamine production; growing domestic methamphetamine problem (2007)

Prices in Laos
Meal in inexpensive restaurant1.92 USD
3-course meal in restaurant (for 2)24.08 USD
McDonalds meal5.52 USD
Local beer (0.5 draft)1.24 USD
Foreign beer (0.33 bottle) 2.02 USD
Cappuccino2.07 USD
Pepsi/Coke (0.33 bottle)0.83 USD
Water (0.33 bottle)0.45 USD
Milk (1l)1.62 USD
Fresh bread (500g)2.17 USD
White Rice (1kg)1.11 USD
Eggs (12) 2.04 USD
Local Cheese (1kg) 27.56 USD
Chicken Breast (1kg) 4.85 USD
Apples (1kg) 1.97 USD
Oranges (1kg) 2.28 USD
Tomato (1kg) 1.12 USD
Potato (1kg) 0.87 USD
Lettuce (1 head) 0.8 USD
Water (1.5l)0.52 USD
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 10.92 USD
Domestic Beer (0.5 bottle)1.21 USD
Foreign beer (0.33 bottle) 1.59 USD
Cigarettes2.2 USD
One way local bus ticket0.72 USD
Monthly pass for bus13.65 USD
Taxi start1.84 USD
Taxi 1km1.05 USD
Taxi 1hour waiting5.51 USD
Gasoline (1 liter) 1.3 USD
Utilities for a "normal" apartment105.89 USD
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 4.27 USD
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 399.11 USD
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 175.18 USD
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 546.29 USD

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