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Holidays in Mexico

Understanding Mexico

Mexico is one of the most popular tourist countries on earth over 20 million foreign visitors last year Much of the tourist industry is centered around the beach resorts as well as the altiplano in the central part of the country Visiting the northern interior allows visitors to get off the beaten path a bit American tourists tend to predominate on the Baja peninsula and the more modernized beach resorts Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, while European tourists congegrate around the smaller resort areas in the south like Playa del Carmen and colonial towns San Cristobal de las Casas


Mexico uses the metric sytem for all measurements All weather forcasts will be in celsius °C

Varies from desert-like regions on the northwest part of the country cities like Hermosillo, Ciudad Juarez, or Los Cabos; and temperate in the northeastern part cities like Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Acuña, but note that much of the northern Mexican territory gets rather cold during the winter with average day time highs from 8C 39F to 12C 59F, overnight lows average around -4C 24F and snow is sometimes frequent in certain northern places like the Sierra Madre of Chihuahua, Durango, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and northern Tamaulipas but can also occur at higher altitudes in the temperate forests in the central part of Mexico Also, northern Mexico gets very hot during the summer with sudden violent storms in the afternoon, with heavy rain and hail, also an isolated tornado can occur with these storms but rarely, and the temperatures during the day can quickly exceed 39C 100F The Bajio region is semiarid cities like Aguascalientes, Leon and Zacatecas; and temperate forests in the central part of the country {Mexico City, Toluca}, and tropical rain forests in the south and southeast regions like Chiapas, Cancun The region stretching from Guadalajara to Morelia enjoys what many consider one of the best climates in the world, with daily high temps in the high 70s and 80s year round During hurricane season, hurricanes are common in the coastal cities specially those near the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico


High, rugged mountains; low coastal plains; high plateaus; temperate plains with grasslands and Mezquite trees in the northeast, desert and even more rugged mountains in the northwest, tropical rainforests in the south and southeast {Chiapas, Cancun} semiarid in places like {Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi} and temperate coniferous and deciduous forests in the central part of the country {Mexico City, Toluca}


  • January 1st
  • January 6th: The Three Kings day, celebrating arrival of the Three Kings to see and bring gifts to baby Jesus
  • February 2nd: The Candelaria Virgin Day, celebrated in many places around the country not an official holiday
  • February 5th: Constitution Day1917
  • February 24th: Flag Day not official
  • March 21st: Birth of Benito Juárez 1806 2006 was the bicentennial year
  • May 1st: Labor Day
  • May 5th: The Battle of Puebla against the French army, 19th century Not an official holiday
  • September 1st: Dia del Informe Although no longer official, it is still important as it is the day in which the Mexican President adresses to the Nation of the progress his administration on a yearly basis Every President makes six Informes
  • September 16th: Independence day celebrates the start of the fight for the independence from Spain in 1810, achieved until September 27th, 1821
  • October 12: Discovery of America Descubrimiento de Americanot an official holiday
  • November 2nd: Day of the dead Not an official holiday
  • November 20th: Revolution day 1910
  • December 12th: Virgin Mary of Guadalupe Day Unless is not official, is one of the most important Mexican Holidays
  • December 24th: Christmas Eve Not an official holiday, but usual full non working day or only half day
  • December 25th: Christmas
  • December 31st: New Years Eve Not an official holiday, but usual full non working day or only half day

Easter is widely observed nationwide, according to the yearly Catholic calendar the first Sunday after the first full moon in Spring Actual non working days may shift to the Monday before the holiday, so check an up to date calendar


  • Mexico uses the 24-hour clock system for time keeping

Mexico observes daylight savings time DST the same way as the USA did pre-2007, from first Sunday in April to last Sunday in October This now includes the tropical regions of southern Mexico as well Note there will be several weeks each year when the US is on DST, but Mexico is not The state of Sonora south of Arizona, does not observe DST since Arizona doesn't have it either

Talking in Mexico

Although there is no official language by law, Spanish is the de facto national language It is used by virtually the whole population and all public communications signs, documents, media, etc are conducted in the language Bilingual signs in Spanish and English might be available in popular tourist destinations

English is largely spoken in border cities with the United States as well as some tourist destinations, but much of the country is monolingual Outside these places, more educated Mexicans specially among the higher class and young people will more likely be fluent in the language and/or in other languages The most popular foreign languages to learn within Mexico after English are French, Italian, German and Japanese Clerks, policemen, and drivers outside touristic destinations are the least likely to know a second language, so a student or a businessman on the street will be a better bet

Mexico has one of the richest diversity of languages, with more of 60 indigenous languages spoken within the Mexican territory These languages are spoken within the communities of these indigenous peoples, who are largely segregated from mainstream mestizo society In any case, the probabilities of finding a speaker of any of these languages is small, since only half of 20% that comprises Indian population in Mexico speaks indigenous language On the other hand, most of these communities are also fluent in Spanish as well Therefore learning any of these indigenous languages is not indispensable at all, but can gain a lot of respect from these communities

See also: Spanish phrasebook

What to do in Mexico

  • A hike almost a climb to the summit of mont Choungui will offer a spectacular panorama of the island
  • Makis can be found in remote regions of the island
  • Diving is mandatory Expect spectacular sights in the world's largest lagoon
  • Sea turtles come to roost on the southern beaches
  • In August-September, humpback whales can be found with their calves in the lagoon

Buying stuff in Mexico

  • Weights are measured in kilograms Length is measured in centimeters and meters
  • For clothes and shoe sizes, the "Continental" measurements are used

The currency of Mexico is the peso MXN, divided into 100 centavos Coins are issued in 5 , 10 steel, 20, 50 centavo brass and 1, 2, 5 steel ring, brass center, 10, 20, 50, and 100 peso brass ring, steel or silver center denominations, but it's extremely rare to find coins valued at more than 10 pesos Banknotes are produced in 20 blue, 50 pink-red, 100 red, 200 green, 500 brown, and 1000 peso purple and pink for the latest issue, purple for older issues denominations The most recent 20- and 50-peso bills are made from polymer plastic, and there are several different series of 20-, 50-, 200-, and 1000-peso notes

Do not accept old pesos issued before 1993: they are practically worthless

The symbol for pesos is the same as for US dollars, which can be slightly confusing Prices in dollars in tourist areas are labeled "US$" or sport an S with a double stroke As of August 09 the exchange rate hovers around $13 MXN to $1 USD As this exchange rate has typically hovered around $10 MXN to $1 USD, vendors and merchants will often use this rate of exchange Thus it is currently better to purchase with MXN pesos US dollars are widely accepted in the far north and in tourist locales elsewhere

Euros are generally not accepted by merchants, and even banks headquartered in Europe may refuse to accept euros for exchange On the other side, most banks and exchange offices "casas de cambio" will widely accept them

If you have brought cash in USD or EUR, best places to change your money are at arrival airport eg MEX and CUN, where many money exchanges are located already in the arrival hall - here you also can compare some exchange rates and choose the most convenient - normally, at airports, the exchange rate is on a very fair level If you wanted to wait with the exchange for later, try to avoid to change at your hotel, as the rates there are an extreme disadvantage for the tourist Often, you can find money exchanges at strategic places in most touristic destinations and near the hotel zones The exchanges rates should not differ drastically from the ones at airport If you are not familiarised with mexican money bills, coins, try to stick to these mentioned official exchange places In some popular internationally visited beach destinations like Cancun, Los Cabos and similar, local merchants are very used to deal with US-Dollars, and it often accept them as payment Try always to bare in mind, that "private" money exchange usually comes along with a slightly unfavorable exchange rate

Credit and Debit Cards with Maestro or MC/VISA affiliation are widely accepted in Mexico You can use them at ATM's as well as in most department stores, bigger restaurants, gas stationsbe sure, that in Mexico's province you always carry sufficient cash in MexPesos in your pocket, and generally verify the possibility to pay with card before consumption Smaller often family run business often only accepts cash

While many Pemex stations accept credit cards, especially in locations that have heavy tourist traffic, some do not; travelers who intend to pay by credit card should ask the attendant if the card is accepted before pumping begins

ATMs are easy to come by Bank of America customers can avoid ATM fees by using Santander Serfin ATMs Other banks may have similar policies, check with your respective institution Otherwise, do not be surprised to find yourself with a fee for each withdrawal ATMs in smaller towns can run out of currency; sometimes this is a regular occurrence Check with the bank or locals about the best time to use the ATM and don't wait until the very last minute to get cash

Merchants can be picky about the state of your paper money, they may scrutinize it and reject anything with rips Try to keep it in as pristine condition as possible Reputedly, this is more the case the further South you go In any case, you can easily enter a bank with some damaged bill to get it exchanged into another one

Merchants are often reluctant to make change in smaller towns Try to avoid paying with overly large denominations; the best customer has exact change In rural areas, your 'change' may consist of chiclets or other small commodities

  • Indigenous Art A visit to anywhere in Mexico will give one the opportunity to buy art made in the "old world" manner that reflects the diverse ethnicity of Mexico Included in these articles would be textiles, wood carvings, paintings and carved masks that are used on sacred dances and burials
  • Timeshares When visiting the resort cities of Mexico eg Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or similar, it is more than common to be approached on the streets, in bars, in restaurants and anywhere with offers of gifts, free rental cars, free nights, free dinners, free anything that may appeal to you, just for visiting and listening to a presentation to buy a timeshare Unless you are severly desperate for something to do, you may want to ignore those making the offer and stay away from those free offers While the properties are very nice, great locations and plenty of amenities, this is not the place to learn about timeshares Do your homework before even thinking about buying a timeshare, see what the values are in the resale market and understand the rights you are buying as well as the future costs Collecting on the free offers may be difficult, if not impossible

Food and eating in Mexico

Mexican cuisine can be described better as a collection of various regional cuisines rather than a standard list of dishes for the whole country Because of climate, geography and ethnic differences, we can classify Mexican cuisine broadly in 4 great categories according to the region:

  • Northern - Mostly meat dishes done mainly from beef and goat This includes Cabrito, Carne Asada Barbecue and Arrachera Is influenced by international cuisine mostly from the United States and Europe, but it retains the essential Mexican flavor
  • Central - This region is influenced by the rest of the country, but it has its well developed local flavor in dishes such as Pozole, Menudo and Carnitas Dishes are mostly corn-based and with different spices
  • Southeastern - Is known for its spicy vegetable and chicken-based dishes Caribbean cuisine have influences here because of the location
  • Coast - Is composed heavily with seafood and fish, but corn-based recipes can be easily found as well

Ask for the "platillo tipico" of the town, which is the local speciality that may not be found elsewhere, a variation, or the birthplace of a recipe, also consider that most of the recipies change from place to place, like tamales, in the south are made with the banana plant leaves, and in the Huasteca region tamales are very big, one is OK for a complete family

Traditional Mexican food can often be very spicy; if you are not used to peppers, always ask if your food includes it ¿Esto tiene chile?

There are many food carts on the streets of Mexican cities and towns Travellers are advised to eat from these carts with caution, as hygienic preparation practices are not always reliable In doing so, you may or may not find some of the most unique and genuinely Mexican dishes you've ever had From these vendors, you may find tacos, burgers, bread and almost any kind of food and service you would imagine

  • Chicharrón - Deep fried pork skin Quite crunchy and if well-prepared slightly oily
  • Enchiladas - Chicken or meat stuffed soft tortillas covered with green, red or mole sauce Some may have melted cheese
  • Tacos - Tortillas filled with meat asada steak strips, pollo shredded chicken, carnitas fried shredded pork, lengua tongue, cabeza meat from cow skull, sesos cow brains, tripa cow gut,pastor chilli pork beef
  • Tamales - corn dough shell with meat or vegatable fillings Tamales Dulces contain fruit and/or nuts
  • Tortas - Fancy mexican sandwich Bread is fried lightly, meat fillings are same as tacos, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, beans, onion, mayonaise and avocado
  • Quesadillas - Cheese or other ingredients grilled in between tortillas
  • Mole - Mild to medium spice sauce made with cocoa and a hint of peanut over meat, usually served with shredded chicken 'Pollo en mole'
  • Pozole - Chicken or pork broth with hominy corn, spiced when served with oregano, lettuce, lemon juice, radish, chopped onion, dried ground chile and other ingredients, usually served with a side dish of tostadas, fried potato and fresh cheese tacos
  • Gorditas - corn patty stuffed with chicharron, chicken, cheese, etc topped with cream, cheese and hot sauce
  • Guacamole - crushed avocado sauce with green serrano chile, chopped red tomato and onion, lemon juice and fried tortilla slices "totopos"
  • Tostadas - fried flat tortilla topped with fried beans, lettuce, cream, fresh cheese, sliced red tomato and onion, hot sauce, and chicken or other main ingredient
  • Huaraches - a bigger version a gordita
  • Sopes - corn patty topped with a wide variety of ingredients such as chicken, cheese, etc and hot sauce
  • Carnitas - deep fried pork meat
  • Chile en nogada - A big green Poblano chile with a beef or pork apple stuffing, covered with a white nut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds which happen to be red The three colors represent the national flag and the dish is served nationwide around Mexican Independence Day 16th September
  • Barbacoa - Sheep or goat meat cooked with maguey leaves in a oven made at a hole in the ground
  • Sopa de Tortilla - tortilla chips soup
  • Chilaquiles - tortilla chips with green tomatoes sauce, usually served with chicken or eggs

You can measure the quality of food by popularity, do not eat on lonely places, even if they are restaurants or hotels

Drinking in Mexico

Tap water is potable, but generally not recommended for drinking Some exaggerated people even claim that tap water is not good for brushing teeth Hotels usually give guests one large bottle of drinking water per room per night Bottled water is also readily available in supermarkets and at tourist attractions

  • Absinth is legal in Mexico
  • Tequila, distilled from Agave a specific type of cactus
  • Pulque, ferment made from Maguey
  • Mezcal, similar to tequila but distilled from Maguey
  • Tepache, made from pineapple
  • Tuba, made from coconut palm tree

There are also several Mexican beers, most of which are available outside Mexico, these include:

  • Corona popular, but not necessarily as overwhelmingly popular in Mexico as many foreigners think
  • Dos Equis XX, dark or lager both good mass-market beers
  • Modelo Especial medium lager
  • Negra Modelo darker, flavorful ale
  • Modelo Light typical light Mexican beer - Corona, Pacifico and Tecate also have "light" versions
  • Pacífico Pilsner beer, one of the better lighter beers
  • Tecate perhaps the most common beer, especially in the north, light with a slight hoppy taste
  • Indio good amber, not commonly exported
  • Bohemia nice malty taste
  • Carta Blanca mass market beer
  • Sol very light, similar to Corona
  • Superior pretty common beer
  • Victoria A light Vienna-style beer, usually not exported
  • Montejo
  • León red Vienna-style beer
  • Estrella
  • Corona "de Barril" or Barrillito fun to drink
  • Chamochelas
  • Modelo Chope Draft beer only available in select bars & restaurants, comes in Light & Negra varieties, with the latter being a Munich dunkel

Lighter Mexican beers are often served with lime and salt, though many Mexicans do not drink beer in this fashion In some places you will find beer served as a prepared drink called "Michelada" or simply "Chelada" The formula varies depending on the place, but it's usually beer mixed with lime juice and various sauces and spices on ice served in a salt rim glass Other variation called "Cubana" includes Clamato cocktail, soybean sauce, salt and a little bit of hot sauce

Northwestern Mexico, including Baja California and Sonora, also produces wines, and Mexican wine is often quite good, but most Mexicans tend to prefer European or Chilean imports

Non alcoholic beverages:

  • Chocolate
  • Atole
  • Horchata rice based drink
  • Agua de jamaica hibiscus iced tea, similar to karkadai in Egypt
  • Licuados de fruta Fruit smoothies and milkshakes
  • Champurrado Thick chocolate drink
  • Refrescos common sodas, generally sweet and made with cane sugar, not corn syrup as in the United States

The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, but not strictly enforced In many places, consumption of alcohol in public "open container" is illegal and usually punishable by a day in jail Be aware of waitresses and barmen, especially at night clubs If you are not aware of your consumption and how much you already spent, they can add a few more drinks to your account Some do this, not all

Alcoholmeters are widely used in driving roads If drinking, always have a designated driver Driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage will result in 1 to 3 days in jail

Mexico, especially the southern state of Chiapas, produces excellent coffee Café con leche, usually one part coffee to one part steamed milk, is very popular Unfortunately, many places in Mexico that are not cafés serve Nescafe or other instant coffee - you may have to search for the good coffee, but it's there

Accommodation in Mexico

A number of hotel chains are available throughout Mexico, including Palace Resorts, Le Blanc Spa Resort, Best Western, Holiday Inn, CityExpress, Fiesta Inn, Fairmont, Hilton, Ritz, Camino Real, Starwood Sheraton, W, Westin, Four Points and many others Rates have risen considerably in recent years, though most are still reasonable compared to similar US or European hotels Chain accommodations are usually clean and comfortable, good for business travelers, but not necessarily for those wanting to experience Mexico itself Smaller hotels and motels along the roadside may not be safe or comfortable Boutique hotels are found all over the country; price range varies but all of them are rich in Mexican traditions, elegance and charm, the perfect way to experience the cultural heritage of each state A great source of information is Melba Levick's book Mexicasa, found in many libraries and online bookstores There are also many all-inclusive resorts for those visiting the major beach destinations

There is a large backpacker culture in mexico, and there are many hostels offering dorm accommodation and private rooms You can expect to pay between 50 and 150 pesos for a night in a dorm, often including breakfast Hostels are a fantastic place to share information with fellow travellers, and you can often find people who have been to your future destinations There are a number of internet sites that allow you to book hostels in advance for a small fee, and this is becoming an increasingly common practice

The most authentic accommodation can usually be found by asking locals or gringos, especially in the smaller towns If you are unsure about the safety or conditions of the room ask to see it before paying This will not be considered rude

If you are going to be in cooler areas in the winter consider bringing an electric blanket - as there is power, but no heat in the cheaper hotels And although it may get quite hot by afternoon outside, adobe and cement are like fridges An electric tea kettle is also a good idea, hot water might not be available when you want it

If you're traveling with children, use a plastic case with wheels and a handle as luggage, and it can be used as a bathtub for the kids if necessary Budget hotels rarely, if ever, have bathtubs

Working in Mexico

Working may require a work visa, which is difficult to get if you just want to freelance for a short time

Many important headquarters are located throughout the main cities of Mexico Mexican top corporations like Televisa, Bimbo, Cemex, Telmex, Vitro, are often willing to hire professionals who speak English as their native language as most of the business scene is developed with North American corporations

An excellent way to get to know and understand more of the country is to do some volunteer work There are several organisations such as Travel to Teach 22 that arrange work for international volunteers in Mexico and other countries in the region

Native English speakers can pick up work, as English teachers The upside is that English speakers with no knowledge of Spanish are sought after, because they will force their students to practice English The downside is that salaries are somewhat low

Cities in Mexico

abasolo  abasolo  acacoyagua  acahualco  acajete  acala  acambaro  acambay  acamixtla  acanceh  acapetahua  acaponeta  acapulco  acateno  acatic  acatlan  acatlan  acatzingo  acaxochitlan  acayuca  acayucan  acazulco  acolman  actipan  actopan  actopan  acuautla  acuexcomac  acuitzio  acultzingo  acuna  acutzilapan  adolfo lopez mateos  adolfo ruiz cortines  agua dulce  agua prieta  aguascalientes  agua verde  aguililla  ahome  ahuacatlan  ahualulco  ahualulco  ahuatempan  ahumada  ajacuba  ajalpan  ajijic  ajoloapan  ajuchitlan  ajuchitlan  akil  alamo  alamos  aldama  aldama  algodones  aljojuca  allende  allende  allende  almaya  almecatla  almoloya  almoloya  almoloya del rio  alpoyeca  alpuyeca  alseseca  altamira  altamirano  altamirano  altar  altepexi  alto lucero  altotonga  altzayanca  alvarado  alvaro obregon  alvaro obregon  amacuzac  amatan  amatenango del valle  amatitan  amatlan  amatlan  amaxac  amayuca  amealco  ameca  amecac  amecameca  ameyalco  amilpas  amozoc  anahuac  anahuac  anahuac  anenecuilco  angahuan  angamacutiro  angangueo  angostura  antiguo morelos  antonio escobedo  anton lizardo  antunez  apan  apango  apaseo el alto  apaseo el grande  apatlaco  apatzingan  apaxco  apaxtla  apetatitlan  apizaco  apodaca  apozol  aquiles serdan  arandas  arcelia  ario  armeria  arriaga  arteaga  arteaga  ascension  asientos  asuncion ixtaltepec  asuncion nochixtlan  asuncion ocotlan  atarasquillo  atempan  atencingo  atenco  atengo  atequiza  atexcatzingo  atitalaquia  atizapan  atlacomulco  atlatlahuca  atlatlahucan  atlatongo  atlautla  atlazalpan  atliaca  atlixco  atotonilco el alto  atotonilco el grande  atotonilquillo  atoyac  atoyac  atoyatempan  atzacan  atzitzintla  atzompa  autlan  autopan  axapusco  axochiapan  axtla  ayala  ayapa  ayautla  ayometla  ayoquezco  ayotzingo  ayotzintepec  ayutla  ayutla  ayutla  azoyu  baca  bacalar  bacum  badiraguato  bagojo  balancan  balderas  banderilla  banon  becal  belen  bellavista  benemerito 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 colorines  colotlan  comachuen  comala  comalcalco  comitancillo  comitan  comoapan  comonfort  compostela  compuertas  concepcion de buenos aires  concepcion del oro  concordia  concordia  conkal  constancia  constitucion  contepec  contla  copainala  copala  copalillo  copandaro  copoya  coquimatlan  cordoba  coroneo  corral nuevo  cortazar  cosala  cosamaloapan  cosautlan  coscomatepec  cosio  cosolapa  cosolapa  cosoleacaque  costa rica  cotija  coxcatlan  coxquihui  coyotepec  coyotepec  coyuca  coyula  coyutla  cozumel  creel  cristobal obregon  cruz grande  cuacnopalan  cuajinicuilapa  cuanajo  cuanala  cuapiaxtla  cuapiaxtla  cuauhtemoc  cuauhtemoc  cuauhtemoc  cuauhtemoc  cuauhtenco  cuautepec  cuautepec  cuautitlan  cuautitlan izcalli  cuautla  cuautlalpan  cuautlancingo  cuautlapan  cuayucatepec  cuencame  cueramaro  cuernavaca  cuervos  cuetzalan  cuicatlan  cuichapa  cuilapam  cuitareo  cuitlahuac  cuitzeo  cuitzeo  culiacancito  culiacan  cumpas  cunduacan  cutzamala 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 san buenaventura  san buenaventura  san buenaventura  san carlos  san ciro de acosta  san cristobal  sanctorum  sanctorum  san diego de la union  san dionisio del mar  san felipe del progreso  san felipe  san felipe  san fernando  san fernando  san francisco del mar  san francisco del rincon  san gabriel casa blanca  san gabriel  san ignacio  san jeronimito  san jeronimo  san jose de gracia  san jose de gracia  san jose del castillo  san jose el alto  san jose el vidrio  san jose iturbide  san jose temascatio  san juan de abajo  san juan de las huertas  san juan de la vega  san juan de los lagos  san juan del rio  san juan evangelista  san juan tepa  san juan tilapa  san julian  san lorenzo cuauhtenco  san lucas  san lucas  san luis de la paz  san luis potosi  san luis rio colorado  san luis  san marcos  san marcos  san marcos  san marcos  san martin de hidalgo  san martin de las piramides  san mateo del mar  san miguel el alto  san nicolas de los garza  san nicolas guadalupe  san nicolas  san pablo de las salinas  san patricio  san pedro abajo  san pedro arriba  san pedro buenavista  san pedro de los naranjos  san pedro  san quintin  san rafael  san roque  san salvador el seco  san sebastian el grande  san sebastian villanueva  san simon de la laguna  santa ana  santa anita  santa barbara  santa catarina de tepehuanes  santa catarina  santa catarina  santa clara  santa clara  santa cruz de las flores  santa cruz del valle  santa cruz de rosales  santa elena  santa engracia  santa fe de la laguna  santa gertrudis  santa isabel  santa maria del monte  santa maria del oro  santa maria del oro  santa maria del rio  santa maria del tule  santa maria la alta  santander jimenez  santa rosalia  santa rosalia  santa teresa  santiago de cuenda  santiago  santiago tuxtla  santo domingo de guzman  santos reyes nopala  san vicente  sarabia  saucillo  sayula  sayula  seybaplaya  seye  silao  simojovel  sinaloa  singuilucan  socoltenango  soconusco  soltepec  sombrerete  sonoita  soteapan  soto la marina  sotuta  soyalo  soyaltepec  soyaniquilpan  suchiapa  suchiate  suchilquitongo  suchil  suchitlan  sucila  sultepec  tabasco  tacambaro  tacoaleche  tacotalpa  tahmek  tala  talpa  tamalin  tamasopo  tamazulapam  tamazunchale  tamiahua  tampico  tampico  tamuin  tamulte  tancanhuitz  tancitaro  tancuayalab  tangamandapio  tangancicuaro  tanhuato  tanquian  tantoyuca  tapachula  tapalpa  tapanatepec  tapilula  tarandacuao  tarecuato  taretan  tarimbaro  tarimoro  tasquillo  tatahuicapan  taxco  tayoltita  teabo  teacalco  teacapan  teapa  tecalco  tecali  tecalitlan  tecamachalco  tecamac  tecate  techuchulco  tecoanapa  tecoh  tecolotlan  tecolutilla  tecolutla  tecoman  tecozautla  tecpan  tecpatan  tecuala  tehuacan  tehuantepec  tehuixtla  teitipac  tejupilco  tekanto  tekax  tekit  telchac  telixtac  telixtlahuaca  teloloapan  temamatla  temascalapa  temascalcingo  temax  temixco  temoac  temoaya  temozon  tempoal  tenabo  tenamaxtlan  tenancingo  tenancingo  tenango de arista  tenango del aire  tenango de rio blanco  tenango  tenango  tenextatiloyan  tenochtitlan  tenosique  teocaltiche  teocelo  teocuitatlan de corona  teolocholco  teoloyucan  teontepec  teopantlan  teopisca  teotihuacan  teotitlan  teotlalcingo  tepalcatepec  tepalcingo  tepango  tepatepec  tepatitlan  tepatlaxco  tepeaca  tepeapulco  tepechitlan  tepecoacuilco  tepeji  tepeojuma  tepepa  tepetitlan  tepetitla  tepetlaoxtoc  tepetzintla  tepexi  tepexpan  tepeyanco  tepezala  tepic  tepotzotlan  tepoztlan  tepulco  tequila  tequila  tequisquiapan  tequixquiac  tequixquitla  terrenate  tesistan  tetecala  tetela del volcan  tetela de ocampo  teteles  tetelzingo  tetepango  tetiz  tetlanohcan  tetla  tetzoyocan  teuchitlan  teul  texcalac  texcalyacac  texcoco  texistepec  texmelucan  teziutlan  tezonapa  tezontepec  tezoyuca  tianguismanalco  tianguistenco  ticul  tierra blanca  tierra colorada  tierranueva  tihuatlan  tijuana  tila  tilzapotla  timucuy 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What do you think about Mexico?

How expensive is Mexico?
(1 MXN = 0 USD)
Meal in inexpensive restaurant55.2 MXN
3-course meal in restaurant (for 2)369.84 MXN
McDonalds meal70.5 MXN
Local beer (0.5 draft)22.14 MXN
Foreign beer (0.33 bottle) 31.5 MXN
Cappuccino29.55 MXN
Pepsi/Coke (0.33 bottle)9.58 MXN
Water (0.33 bottle)8.08 MXN
Milk (1l)15.94 MXN
Fresh bread (500g)20.58 MXN
White Rice (1kg)16.61 MXN
Eggs (12) 23.61 MXN
Local Cheese (1kg) 77.05 MXN
Chicken Breast (1kg) 74.28 MXN
Apples (1kg) 35.21 MXN
Oranges (1kg) 11.75 MXN
Tomato (1kg) 17.01 MXN
Potato (1kg) 14.9 MXN
Lettuce (1 head) 9.25 MXN
Water (1.5l)11.24 MXN
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 105.6 MXN
Domestic Beer (0.5 bottle)17.4 MXN
Foreign beer (0.33 bottle) 28.56 MXN
Cigarettes41.85 MXN
One way local bus ticket6.37 MXN
Monthly pass for bus333 MXN
Taxi start24.75 MXN
Taxi 1km8.83 MXN
Taxi 1hour waiting132.24 MXN
Gasoline (1 liter) 12.05 MXN
Utilities for a "normal" apartment834.25 MXN
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 210.81 MXN, your travel companion

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