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Holidays in Monaco

Understanding Monaco

This is the second smallest independent state in the world after the Vatican and is almost entirely urban Monte Carlo is not the capital of Monaco but a government district The country is divided into four areas: Monaco-Ville the old city, the Condamine port quarter, Monte-Carlo business and recreation, and Fontvieille recreation and light industry With no natural resources to exploit other than its location and climate, the principality has become a resort for tourists and a tax haven for businesses Monaco is six times the size of the Vatican and still remains the world's most densely populated independent country

Talking in Monaco

Languages: French official, Italian, English and Monegasque

What to see in Monaco

The principality of Monaco offers a great balance of historical and modern attractions There are various museums and palaces to visit as well as shopping malls and casinos Monaco also offers relaxation spots along the harbor and even around the attractions It is relatively easy to navigate Monte Carlo and Monaco if you take the time to learn where the various "short cuts" are City maps are generally available at most news vendor stands and shops for a small fee

  • Take a walk through Monaco-Ville, also known as “le rocher” or “the rock” Monaco-Ville is still a medieval village at heart and an astonishingly picturesque site It is made up almost entirely of pedestrian streets and passageways and most previous century houses still remain There a number of hotels, restaurant and souvenir shops tourists can stay, eat and shop at You can also visit the Prince's Palace, the Cathedral, the Oceanographic Museum, the City Hall, and the Saint Martin Gardens
  • The Palais Princier Prince's Palace is in old Monaco-Ville and is worth a visit There are guided tours of the palace each day and usually run around the clock The Palace also offers a breathtaking panoramic view overlooking the Port and Monte-Carlo Everyday at 11:55 AM, in front of the Palace's main entrance visitors can watch the changing of the guard ceremony performed by the "Carabiniers" “Carabiniers” are not only in charge of the Princes’ security but they offer Him a Guard of Honor and on special occasions, are His escorts The “Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince” has a military band Fanfare; which performs at public concerts, official occasions, sports events and international military music festivals
  • The Monaco Cathedral was built in 1875 and stands on the site of a 13th century earlier church It is a Romanesque-Byzantine church dedicated to Saint Nicolas and houses the remains of former Princes of Monaco and Princess Grace The church square also contains some of Monaco-Ville's finest restaurants
  • The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium is a world-renowned attraction Located 279 above sea level, the museum contains stunning collections of marine fauna, numerous specimens of sea creatures stuffed or in skeleton form, models of Prince Albert’s laboratory ships, and craft ware made from the sea’s natural products On the ground floor, exhibitions and film projections are presented daily in the Conference room In the basement, visitors can take pleasure in watching spectacular shows of marine flora and fauna With 4,000 species of fish and over 200 families of invertebrates, the aquarium is now an authority on the presentation of the Mediterranean and tropical marine ecosystem Lastly, visitors can have lunch in “La Terrasse” and visit the museum gift shop The entrance fee is 15€ for adults Students can get discount by showing valid student ID You need to take bus number 1 or 2 from the Monaco Monte Carlo train station to reach this aquarium
  • The Jardin Exotique Exotic Gardens is one of the many gardens Monaco has to offer It is also one of Monaco’s finest tourist attractions Several thousand rare plants from around the world are presented in a walking tour that is quite memorable for the views as well as the flora and plants Due to the rise in altitude, not only are there many displays of desert plants but there are a handful of subtropical flora displays as well There is also a grotto cave that has scheduled guided tours The tour starts at the beginning of every hour and lasts for around 25 minutes In the cave, you will have to climb the stairs equivalent to around a 6 storied building The entry cost is a bit steep €8 unless you're under 16 or a student €350 You need to take bus number 2 to reach this Garden You can take this bus either from the train station or from the Oceanographic Museum
  • La Condamine is the second oldest district in Monaco, after Monaco-Ville Here you can stop and marvel at the many luxurious yachts and cruise ships which usually adorn the docks in the marina La Condamine is a thriving business district where you can visit the Condamine Market and rue Princesse-Caroline mall With enjoyable landscaped areas and modern buildings, La Condamine is surely worth a visit
  • The Monaco Opera House or Salle Garnier was built by the famous architect Charles Garnier The auditorium of the opera house is decorated in red and gold and has frescoes and sculptures all around the auditorium Looking up to the ceiling of the auditorium, the visitor will be blown away by the superb paintings The opera house is flamboyant but at the same time very beautiful There have been some of the most superior international performances of ballet, opera and concerts held in the opera house for more than a century; consider taking in a show during your visit but expect to pay top dollar!
  • The Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery was founded in London by Frank Lloyd and Harry Fischer A second gallery was opened in Rome, another in New York, and one more in Monaco The gallery holds a grand collection of post-World War II artists and even paintings by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Jules Brassai, Louise Bourgeois, Dale Chihuly, David Hockney and Henri Matisse Admission is free and the gallery also offers group exhibitions
  • The Grimaldi Forum is the Monaco convention center Completed in July 2000, the sun filled building on the sea has a remarkable glass entrance, two convention restaurants, an auditorium for ballet and opera, and two more auditoriums for meetings and other affairs The Forum also offers two large exhibition halls that can be used for trade shows or other exhibitions It is also a short walking distance from surrounding hotels
  • The Princes car collection For any car enthusiast, it is the place to go, there is everything, from carriges and old cars, to formula 1 race cars

What to do in Monaco

  • If your wallet permits it, try your luck in the Grand Casino and gamble alongside the world's richest and often most famous You'll need your passport to enter as Monégasque citizens are prohibited from gambling at the casino, and the fees for entry range enormously depending on what room you are going to - often from 30€ right up into the hundreds You can also visit the casino without gambling, but also for a nominal fee The dress code inside is extremely strict - men are required to wear coats and ties, and casual or 'tennis' shoes are forbidden The gaming rooms themselves are spectacular, with stained glass, paintings, and sculptures everywhere There are two other more Americanized casinos in Monte Carlo Neither of these has an admission fee, and the dress code is more casual
  • Monaco's streets hosts the best known Formula 1 Grand Prix It is also one of Europe's premier social highlights of the year The Automobile Club of Monaco organizes this spectacular Formula 1 race each year The Grand Prix is 77 laps around 263-kilometers of Monte Carlo's narrowest and twisted streets The main attraction of the Monaco Grand Prix is the proximity of the speeding Formula One cars to the race spectators The thrill of screaming engines, smoking tires and determined drivers also makes the Monaco Grand Prix one of the most exciting races in the world There are more than 3,000 seats available for sale on the circuit ranging from 90€ to more than 500€ Monaco residents often rent out their terraces for the event with prices ranging from 8000€ to 140,000€ for the four days During the off season, it is possible to walk around the circuit Tourist office maps have the route clearly marked on their maps, although devotees won't need them! For those who can afford it, you can also take a ride around the track in a performance car
  • Aquavision: Discover Monaco from the sea during this fascinating boat tour! “Aquavision” is a catamaran-type boat equipped with two windows in the hull for underwater vision, thus allowing the passengers to explore the natural seabed of the coast in an unusual way The boat can take up to 120 people per journey Cost for adults are 11€, while the cost for children and for children and students ages 3-18 are 8€
  • Azur Express: Fun tourist trains make daily tours all over Monaco You will visit the Monaco Port, Monte-Carlo and its Palaces, the famous Casino and its gardens, the Old Town for City Hall and finally the royal Prince’s Palace Commentaries are in English, Italian, German and French This enjoyable tour runs about 30 minutes long and cost is 6€, children under age 5 ride free
  • In the summer time, Monte-Carlo is illuminated with dazzling concerts at the exclusive Monte-Carlo Sporting Club The club has featured such artist as Natalie Cole, Andrew Bocelli, the Beach Boys, Lionel Richie and Julio Iglesias among others The club also hosts a small casino which includes basic casino games With no one under the age of 18, the rate per person is 20€
  • While staying in Monaco, you can take a full-day-journey or half-day-journey, whichever you prefer to surrounding areas like France and Italy Monaco is connected to France by highways so renting a car would be the best way to go You can also take the “train bleu” or a bus to European cities closer to Monaco including Paris, Nice and Ventimiglia If you want to travel to farther countries in Europe, do so by plane Amsterdam, Rome, Brussels, Frankfurt and Zurich are less than two hours away by plane

Buying stuff in Monaco

Shopping in Monte Carlo is usually quite exclusive and is certainly no place for a budget holiday There are plenty of places to melt the credit card alongside Europe's high rollers The chic clothes shops are in the Golden Circle, framed by Avenue Monte Carlo, Avenue des Beaux-Arts and Allees Lumieres, where Hermes, Christian Dior, Gucci and Prada all have a presence The area on and around Place du Casino is home to high-end jewelers such as Bulgari, Cartier and Chopard You will find, however, that most tourists will simply enjoy wandering the area and window shopping, even if you don't buy anything The normal shopping hours are from 9AM to noon and 3PM to 7PM

For a more cultured take on shopping in Monte Carlo, try the Condamine Market The market, which can be found in the Place d'Armes, has been in existence since 1880 and is lively and attractive - many hours can be spent simply wandering around, bargaining for souvenirs from the many tiny shops, boutiques and friendly locals If however, your shopping tastes are more modern, just take a short walk along the esplanade to the rue Princess Caroline pedestrian mall

The Fontvieille Shopping Centre is also a more "normal" shopping experience with 36 shops selling electronic goods, CDs, furniture, and clothes as well as a Carrefour supermarket and McDonald's The tourist office also issues a useful free shopping guide to the city

Some stores to browse or buy:

  • Fred Boutique 6, av des Beaux-Arts, Monte Carlo 98000 Situated on the exclusive avenue des Beaux-Arts, this is one of only a handful of Fred boutiques in the world An official jeweler of Monaco's royal family and a favorite of celebrities, you may not be able to afford much in this boutique, but its worth a jaw dropping visit
  • Boutique du Rocher 1, av de la Madone, Monte Carlo 98000 Opened by Princess Grace in the 60's, travelers still flock here to grab the very best in take home souvenirs Choose from hand-carved frames and mirrors, ceramics, homewares and toys Prices are moderate and all proceeds go to local charities
  • Davidoff 17, av des Spélugues, Les galeries du Métropole, Monte Carlo 98000 High end cigar and cigarette store, where you are assisted by staff that know their product well
  • Galerie Moghadam 23 & 41, bd des Moulins, Monte Carlo 98000 Award-winning speciality shop that offers superb hand woven tapestries and carpets

Food and eating in Monaco

How to go wrong? Food in Monaco is universally excellent There are many fine restaurants, beginning with the Cafe de Paris across the street from the casino, to the waterfront restaurants along the Port de Fontvieille During the winter months, you will find the restaurants to be decently priced--for Monaco Bouillabaisse is excellent here


There are a huge variety of other restaurants and cafés in the city with a moderate price tag and excellent food There are a few simple cafés along the marina-side, more like beach bars than anything else, that serve simple meals such as pizza, salads and hotdogs throughout the day These can be excellent for simply sitting back during the hot midday with a cold beer or glass of wine, a snack to recharge your batteries from exploring the city, and the gentle lapping of the Mediterranean and often the roar of supercars in your ears Most of these restaurants are equipped with water-misters in the ceilings that gently cool and refresh the clientele

  • Stars 'n' Bars 6 quai Antoine-1 97-97-95-95 June-Sept daily 11AM-midnight; Oct-May Tues-Sun 11AM-midnight Bar open until 3AM American style sports bar serving standard burgers pizzas and sandwiches Drinking or dining during Happy Hour offers reasonable value for money
  • Pizzeria Monégasque 4 rue Terrazzani 93-30-16-38 Mon-Sat noon-1:45PM and 7:30-11PM until midnight Fri-Sat For those on a budget, be sure to grab a slice of one of their delicious gourmet pizzas that taste even better when sitting on the outdoor terrace Main courses are also available from 10€-22€


Somewhere in between these two dining experiences comes the world-famous Café de Paris, just outside the Casino Tourists and locals alike can often be found during the afternoon and all through the night laughing, drinking, and eating some fabulous but verging on expensive meals It is definitely a must-go during your stay in Monte Carlo, even if it is just for a snack in the afternoon - it is well worth it A new favorite in Monaco is Beefbar located in the Port of La Condamine, they serve excellent meat

  • Cafe de Paris Place du Casino 92-16-20-20 Daily 8AM-3AM The nerve centre of Monte Carlo, where people go to see and be seen, buzzing with the feel of old time Monte Carlo, circa early 1900s Menu items change frequently, as do the waiters, who seem intent on rushing patrons through their meals For people-watching, you could try a diet Coke for a mere €6 Reservations to dine are recommended
  • Beefbar quai Jean Charles Ray, 98000 Quality cuts of beef on offer, attached with high, though surprisingly worthwhile price tag Small cups on puree are available for the meat, though an additional cup one is far too small, costs 85€ Wine selections are paired perfectly with the red meat Chic atmosphere and the staff are extremely attentive
  • Baccarat 4 Escalier Saint-Charles 93-50-66-92 Serving some of the finest Italian fare in Monte Carlo, Baccarat has an airy and authentic atmosphere The oven-baked turbot with artichokes has customers such as Robbie Williams coming back again and again
  • Fuji 4 av de la Madone Sleek and sexy Japanese restaurant that offers authentic sushi favorites at reasonable prices


Dining in Monaco can be a very sobering experience to whomever is paying the bill Perhaps the most exclusive and famous restaurants in the city are the Louis XV Restaurant and the Le Grill de L'Hotel de Paris, both centered on the very exclusive Hotel de Paris You are more than likely to be seated next to a member of the rich and famous, and the gourmet food is simply out-of-this-world - however, these experiences come with a rather hefty price tag!

  • Louis XV Hôtel de Paris, place du Casino In one of the finest hotels in the world, run by one of the finest chefs in the world Alain Ducasse this Michelin 3 star rated restaurant serves dining perfection amongst luxurious glitterati The level of sophistication for all dishes is hard to be surpassed, the sea bass with Italian artichokes regularly reaches a score of 19/20 by restaurant critics The restaurant contains the world's largest wine cellar: 250,000 bottles of wine many priceless stashed in a rock cave Reservations are essential, as are jacket and tie for men
  • Le Grill de L'Hotel de Paris In the Hôtel de Paris, place du Casino 92-16-29-66 Although often overlooked by the famed 'Louis XV', look above to the Hotel de Paris's rooftop for its equally elegant contender Less intimidating than the Ducasse citadel downstairs, Le Grill offers every imaginable sort of grilled fish, and meat that come from the nearby Alps The selection of 600,000 wines are the perfect accompaniment to every dish, and the service is impeccable Dining on the rooftop affords you stunning, panoramic views of Monte Carlo, and in the summer, a blanket of starry sky

Drinking in Monaco

Champagne has the status of a national beverage in Monaco A single glass can cost as much as €40 at a fashionable restaurant!

  • Zelos Top Floor Grimaldi Forum Ave Princesse Grace +377 99 99 25 50 Showcasing panoramic views from the top floor of the Grimaldi Forum, the outdoor seating area offers the perfect spot to see yachts cruising into the harbor Top models and the people who want to be with them dance the early mornings away here and we defy you not to do the same Cocktail list is impressive and bite sized treats are available
  • Bar at the Columbus Monaco 23 Avenue des Papalins Monte Carlo 00 377 92 059000 More laidback and informal than some of its counterparts, its subdued atmosphere is a refreshing change from some of the high energy Monaco bars Decked out in shades of chocolate, its almost as sweet as the chocolate martinis, which come with a big truffle in each glass which slowly melts into your drinks and tastes heavenly Formula One race car driver David Coulthard is a co owner, which means you're likely to run into some of his race car competitors
  • Jimmy'z Le Sporting Club Avenue Princesse Grace, Monte Carlo + 377 9216 20 00 The ultimate night club in Monte Carlo, the famed Jimmy'z is frequented by royalty and the uber-rich, which isn't a surprise considering some of the hefty price tags, a beer will cost you upwards of £20 If you can't afford it, there are other clubs to go to There are two entrances -one, two floors down in Le Sporting Club, the other at street level, and many a rock star and billionaire have walked through both Staff can be quite rude, but so are most of the patrons Definitely an experience

Accommodation in Monaco

If you're on a budget, Monaco is not the best place to be For example, a two star hotel without breakfast and bathroom will cost around €60 per person A better option is to stay in one of the many towns outside of Monaco, for example Ventimiglia, which is a sea-side town situated on the French-Italian border on the Italian side Nice is only 1/2 hour away from Monaco and it's very cheap to use the frequent trains During the winter season, a comfortable two star hotel will only cost you about €20 a person

The Monaco Tourism center staff will also sit down and make phone calls to assist walk-ins in finding accomodation Even if you ask for "cheap" lodging


  • PV-Holidays have two properties in the area 9 Each room is a self-catering studio or apartment Located in Beausoleil both properties range from €150-€160 per night +33 1 58 21 55 84
  • Colombus Hotel: Situated in La Condamine, the Colombus Hotel is co-owned by successful Glaswegian hotelier Ken McCulloch, designer Amanda Rosa and British F1 racing driver David Coulthard all Monaco residents today There is an excellent restaurant and the lobby is a great spot to relax on the comfortable sofas Rooms are modern The hotel is located just by the heliport, and about 200 meters from the Stade Louis II
  • Hotel Ambassador corner of ave Prince Pierre info@ambassadormonacocom http://wwwambassadormonacocom Suprisingly standard mid range hotel that is good value for business travellers and those watching their euros Rooms are kitted out with the usual TV, mini bar air con, with wi fi access and cable making it a nice touch
  • Hôtel Cosmopolite 4 rue de la Turbie 93-30-16-95 93-30-23-05 75€-105€ $98-$137 double without bathroom; 80€-180€ $104-$234 double with bathroomSimple hotel that is well priced given the hotels location There's no elevator, and only some rooms have bathrooms, but its reasonably cheap and the hotel owner, Madame Gay Angèle is welcoming and makes you feel right at home
  • TwilightBlue Hotels http://wwwtwilightblueeu/en/france/principality-of-monaco/monaco/monaco/hotelsaspx €80-€150 Selection of Hotels in Monaco
  • Bw Hotel Prince De Galles 12:00 11:00 Facing the Mediterranean, with panoramic terrace and bar, lush tropical garden and Mediterranean Restaurant


  • Hotel Hermitage Square Beaumarchais 98-06-59-77 320€-528€ $416-$686 double; 568€-792€ $738-$1,030 junior suite; from 1,596€ $2,075 suitePerched on a clifftop, the Hermitage offer idylic living at its best The majority of rooms have balconies, so guests can have stunning views from their rooms While the hotel is quite old, all amenities and features and modern and elegant in their styling and a stay here is truly well deserved The SBM's Carte d'Or offers the Hermitage's guests transport and access to the facilities of the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel and Les Thermes Marins spa
  • Hotel de Paris Place du Casino 92-16-30-00 400€-940€ $520-$1,222 double; from 1,995€ $2,594 suite 92-16-26-26Offering a level of sophistication that has awarded itself as one of the world's most famous hotels Featuring marble pillars, crystal chandeliers, Louis XVI chairs, and sumptous carpets, its a vision of luxury and a favorite amongst the world's travellers Rooms are simply enormous with marble and brass furnishings and the hotel is home to the country two finest eating establishments, the Le Grill de l'Hôtel de Paris and Le Louis XV The SBM's Carte d'Or offers the de Paris' guests transport and access to the facilities of the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel and Les Thermes Marins spa
  • Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort 40 av Princesse Grace 98-06-02-00 98-06-00-03 €300€-800 double; €750-1,400 suiteAwe impressive 4-hectare 10-acre resort The high price reflect the quality of stay Only steps away from Monte Carlo's beachy sands, more than than 3/4 of rooms open onto sea views Marble bathrooms feature flat screen tvs with cable ties, the hotel pool has an indoor pool covered with an ornate glass dome, and the hotel bar is none other than Jimmy'z's The furnishings are sandstone floors, soft Mediterranean pastels and sleek modern amenities The service to detail is outstanding, different shampoos and towels on different days, and the staff are polite and attentive without being intrusive The SBM's Carte d'Or does not offer the Bay Hotel's guests access to the facilities of the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel or Les Thermes Marins The Bay Hotel is rather self-contained, but lacks a beach

Working in Monaco

If you are seeking a career aboard one of the many superyachts in Monaco a good place to register and start looking is Crew Central 10

Cities in Monaco

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