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Understanding Russia

Russia, by mind, one can't understand,
Nor measure by common yardstick
She has of herself a build unique:
In Russia you only believe

«Умом Россию не понять…»,
Fyodor Tyutchev, 1866

Russia is the largest country in the world by far; spanning nine time zones, its territory covers nearly twice as much of the earth as that of the next largest country, Canada Despite its massive size, much of the country lacks proper soils and climates either too cold or too dry for agriculture Instead it has huge reserves of some of the world's most important resources oil, gas, coal, platinum, gold, chrome, water Mount Elbrus Gora El'brus, at 5,633 m, is Europe's, and Russia's, tallest peak

Russia has both extensive coastlines bordering the Arctic Ocean and Northwest Pacific, as well as smaller coastlines on the Baltic, Black and Caspian Seas Russia is bordered by Norway and Finland to the northwest, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, and Ukraine to the west, Georgia and Azerbaijan to the southwest, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia to the south, Japan via strait and North Korea to the southeast The American state of Alaska lies opposite the easternmost point of Russia across the Bering Strait

Russia also administers the exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast on the Baltic coast located in between Poland and Lithuania


An Imperial Power

Although Russia is a very old country founded during the Middle Ages, it was not considered part of mainstream Europe until the reign of Tsar Peter the Great who ruled until 1725 He was a Europhile with an empathy towards Western culture and the first Tsar to visit 'Europe proper' There is a story that while visiting Greenwich Palace in England, he was told that he looked as though he had been dragged through a hedge backwards His reply was that he had, and in a wheelbarrow!

The Russian Empire was established in 1721, and the three hundred-year chronicle of the Romanovs, who had been in power since 1613, came to fruition Peter the Great was one of Russia's most charismatic and forceful leaders, and he built the foundations of a new political culture Trying to westernize the nation, he moved the capital from the old, quasi-medieval Asiatic city of Moscow to the new Europeanesque city of Saint Petersburg, where it would remain until 1918 The Russian Empire reached its peak during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, producing many colorful and enlightened figures such as Catherine the Great, Dostoyevsky, and Tolstoy The sharp divide between the rulers and the ruled became apparent to all observers in the 19th century, and the botched attempts by the establishment to amend this ended in failure Russia was technologically, politically and culturally far behind Europe; this would have tragic results for Tsar Nicholas II and his family; the Romanov dynasty, the Russian Empire and, not least, the people of Russia In 1917 the empire and the monarchy was destroyed

Headquarters of Communism

World War I strained Imperial Russia's governmental and social institutions to the breaking point, allowing a revolution to overthrow an unpopular government and form a socialist, one-party rule, resulting in a brutal civil war lasting until late 1920 After Lenin's death in 1924, a power struggle ensued, with Josef Stalin emerging as the new leader of the Soviet Union Stalin's brutal rule 1928-53 introduced an economic system called "socialism in one country" that rapidly industrialised the country while completely abandoning many of the idealistic collectivist principals which the revolutionaries of October 1917 had fought for Indeed, after Stalin's ascent to power, he had most of those involved in the Revolution killed along with millions who resisted his efforts to collectivise the agricultural sector

World War II, from a Soviet perspective, between June 1941 and May 1945, added to the woes of the Soviet peoples and led to the deaths of 25-30 million citizens Their alliance with the Western nations in the fight against, and eventual defeat of, Nazism was a tremendous and courageous achievement, and their capture of Berlin their greatest moment in that War

After Stalin's death in 1953, the Soviet economy continued to grow strongly under Georgy Malenkov 1953-1955 and Nikita Khrushchev 1955-1964, focusing more resources in production of consumer goods The Soviet Union eventually reached its political, military, and economic peak during the closing years of Leonid Brezhnev 1964-1982, but subsequent stagnation caused a crisis that would continue until General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev 1985-91 introduced glasnost openness and perestroika restructuring in an attempt to modernize the political system His initiatives inadvertently released forces that by December 1991 splintered the USSR into 15 separate independent countries, matching those of the 15 republics of the USSR

A Nascent Democracy

Since then, Russia has struggled in its efforts to rebuild a political system, with the old Soviet elites merely transferring their control of the country through an oligarchical market apparatus Indeed, Russian organized crime and its links to the now explicitly market-oriented government were evident under the inept Yeltsin administration, even as political reforms were introduced Subsequently, in recent years, the Putin government has worked hard to recentralize power, revitalise a comatose economy and stifle crime to a mere minimum, yet still well above 1990 levels A determined guerrilla conflict still plagues Russia in Chechnya and its neighboring republics As of 7 May 2008, Putin has transferred power to the new President Dimitri Medvedev


Climate ranges from steppes in the south to humid continental in much of European Russia; subarctic in Siberia to tundra climate in the polar north; winters vary from cool along Black Sea coast to frigid in Siberia; summers vary from warm in the steppes to cool along the Arctic coast


The terrain consists of broad plains with low hills west of the Urals; vast coniferous forest and tundra in Siberia; uplands and mountains along southern border regions; mountainous and volcanic throughout much of the Russian Far East

Talking in Russia

Russian is the official language, so wherever you go in Russia, you'll find someone who speaks it English is becoming a requirement in the business world, and younger people especially will often know enough to communicate, but by no means is English universally understood and spoken In upscale hotels almost the entire staff has a working knowledge of foreign languages including English

You will not learn the language in a short time; concentrate on learning some key "courtesy" phrases, and the Cyrillic alphabet eg "ресторан" spells "restaurant" so you have a chance to recognize street names, labels and public signs

Russia has hundreds of languages and supports most of them, sending linguists to document them and invent mostly - in 1920-1960 writing systems for them all Cyrillic, of course and making them local official languages The southern border is lined with Turkic, Mongolian, and Tungusic; the northern with Finnic and Samoyed The southwest corner has a variety of Caucasian languages; the northeast has the few Chukotko-Kamchatkan languages

The Russian Orthodox religion is one of the oldest branches of Christianity in the world and continues to have a very large following, despite having been repressed during the communist period The language spoken in Russian Orthodox church services is Old Church Slavonic, which differs considerably from the modern version and Russian itself

What to see in Russia


The following are some possible itineraries for traveling Romania :

  • Transylvania Triangle Train Tour
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What to do in Russia

Whitewater rafting

  • Team Gorky 35


The association between Russia and its two biggest metropolises, Moscow and St Petersburg, is strong in the minds of tourists, but given its vast expanses and low population density, Russia is a nature lovers paradise as well Russia has a network of exceptional natural areas, comprising 35 National Parks and 100 Nature Reserves zapovednik covering a total land mass larger than Germany List of Russian Nature Reserves in Russian one can find here 36

Some Russian Nature Reserves on the internet:

  • The Great Arctic State Nature Reserve 37
  • Central Forest State Nature Bioshere Reserve 38
  • Ilmen State Reserve 39

Provided your paperwork is in order, you may visit these areas independently For those wishing to seek guidance, there are travel agencies specializing in ecotourism in Russia such as:

  • Dersu Uzala: Ecotourism Development Fund +7 495 518-5968 dersu@ecotoursru +7 495 692-2053 http://ecotoursru/english/

Buying stuff in Russia

  • MatRYOshka матрёшка - a collection of traditionally painted wooden dolls, each one stacking neatly within another
  • USHANka ушанка - a warm hat with ears ushi
  • SamoVAR самовар - an indigenous design for brewing tea Note that when purchasing samovars of value historical, precious gems or metal, etc, it is wise to check with customs before attempting to take it out of the country
  • Chocolate шоколад - Russian chocolate is very good
  • Winter coats in department stores are well made, stylish and excellent values
  • Military greatcoats sheeNEL available in hard-to-find stores of military equipment
  • Down pillows of very high quality are to be found
  • HalVA халва - it's different from the Turkish kind in that it's made of sunflower seeds, rather than sesame, but Rot-Front products are really good
  • Honey мёд - produced around the country; sorts and quality vary dramatically, but the higher-quality are worth seeking Moscow hosts a honey market in Kolomenskoe some part of the year A number of honey shops working all the year round can be found on VDNKh/VVTs grounds
  • Caviar икра, only red since 2007 producing and selling black caviar is prohibited for ecological reasons most easy to find in large stores but maybe not the best one
  • Hard cheese - mostly produced in Altai; occasionally available from there in large stores in Moscow
  • Sparkling wine шампанское - Sparkling wine, "Russian Champagne" is surprisingly good Abrau-Durso is believed to be the best brand, yet there are other good ones, too Make sure you order it "suKHOye" dry or Brut Many restaurants serve it at room temperature, but if you request it "cold" they can usually find a semi-chilled bottle The cost is surprisingly low also, about $10 USD
  • Many more traditional crafts


The official currency of Russia is the ruble рубль RUB, divided into 100 kopeks копеек, introduced in 1998 although all notes and first issues of coins bear the year 1997 All pre-1998 currency is obsolete

Coins are issued in 1, 5, 10, and 50 kopek and 1, 2, 5, and 10 uncommon ruble denominations Banknotes come in 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 ruble values The 5-ruble note is not issued anymore and is very rare in circulation The 1 and 5 kopek coins are of little use, as their value is low; in many stores prices are rounded up to the nearest 10 kopeks and many people refuse to accept these coins As of April 15, 2009, one US dollar is equal to 3339 rubles and one euro is equal to 4445 rubles

All banknotes have special marks dots and lines in relief to aid the blind in distinguishing values

Checks: Forget about travelers' checks only some banks, such as Sberbank, will cash even American Express, and bring enough cash to last you for a few days, as occasionally communications networks handling ATM and credit card transactions are not available as elsewhere in the world

Sberbank will cash American Express without comission In touristy areas and larger cities ATMs are in abundance

Rubles only: All payments in Russia are officially made in rubles It's very easy to find currency exchange offices called bureaus in Saint Petersburg throughout Russia Banks and small currency exchange bureaus offer very good rates; hotels are generally expensive and thus not recommended You need to show your passport at banks Be sure to take your time to count how much money you got - different ways are sometimes used to trick the customer

Small window-in-the-wall offices abound in Moscow and Saint Petersburg but are rare in other cities They usually offer better exchange rates but don't require identification nor provide any receipts in most cases Branches of large banks can be found in any major city, and Sberbank outlets are a must in any village down to rayonny centr Branches of banks are more trustworthy for not-so-attractive rates, and exchange session would last longer requiring a passport and giving you all the receipts you can imagine

Window-in-the-wall exchanges frequently attract clients by declaring rates for amounts >$1000 / >EUR1000 but stating this in small font Rates for smaller amounts are demonstrated only in the window itself and are typically less attractive than even at regular banks Frequently, people don't notice that rates are different To make the difference even less evident, rates are set exactly 10 rouble different, like 3418 and 3518 per Euro Another trick used by windows-in-the-walls is a tray that makes 1-2 banknotes stick so they become hidden from you Always check the amounts you are given Many exchange bureaus will also convert other currencies beyond USD and EUR, although often the rate is not as good You can compare rates if you buy USD/EUR in your country and sell them in Russia vs direct exchanges from your local currency to roubles at 40--it displays exchange rates for cash in Moscow for every currency exchanged in Russia

You will have easier time changing money if your banknotes are absolutely clean, and dollars should be the most recent updated design, as few places will accept the older versions

Don't change money on the street Unlike during Soviet times, there is no advantage to dealing with an unofficial vendor There are several advanced schemes of scam for exchange on the street - better not give them a try

ATMs / bank machines also called bankomats are common and convenient in Moscow and Saint Petersburg Other large cities also have them but many times there are restrictions on foreign cards They usually offer services in multiple languages, and some give out US dollars or local currency In smaller towns and villages they are often difficult to find or non-existent Russian ATMs will often limit withdrawals to about USD$1,000 per day Big hotels are good places to find them

In Moscow and Saint Petersburg more and more shops, restaurants, and services take credit cards Visa/MasterCard are more accepted than American Express; Discover, Diners Club and other cards are rarely accepted Most upscale establishments will accept credit cards, but beyond these it is pure chance

Museums and sightseeing places take only cash, no credit cards Have plenty of cash on hand each day to cover entrance fees, photographic fees museums charge a fee for cameras and video recorders, tours, souvenirs, meals and transportation

Train Stations outside of major cities only accept rubles also In Moscow and St Petersburg you can pay by card at some ticket counters - look out for the Visa/Master Card stickers on the windows The ATM machines at the train station are often out of cash, so obtain your rubles in the city where ATM's appear on practically every corner before you go to the train station

It's better to avoid street ATMs or at least to be very careful, as sometimes swindlers attach spy devices to them, to get your PIN and card details; the safest option is the ATMs in hotels, banks or big shopping centers

Food and eating in Russia

Russian cuisine derives its rich and varied character from the vast and multicultural expanse of Russia Its foundations were laid by the peasant food of the rural population in an often harsh climate, with a combination of plentiful fish, poultry, game, mushrooms, berries, and honey Crops of rye, wheat, buckwheat, barley, and millet provided the ingredients for a plethora of breads, pancakes, cereals, kvass, beer, and vodka Flavourful soups and stews centred on seasonal or storable produce, fish, and meats This wholly native food remained the staples for the vast majority of Russians well into the 20th century Lying on the northern reaches of the ancient Silk Road, as well as Russia's proximity to the Caucasus, Persia, and the Ottoman Empire has provided an inescapable Eastern character to its cooking methods not so much in European Russia but distinguishable in the North Caucasus Russia's renowned caviar is easily obtained, however prices can exceed the expenses of your entire trip Dishes such as beef Stroganov and chicken kiev, from the pre-revolutionary era are available but mainly aimed at tourists as they lost their status and visibility during Soviet times Russian specialities include:

  • Pelmeni meat-filled dumplings, especially popular in Ural and Siberian regions
  • Blini thin, savoury buckwheat pancakes
  • Black bread rye bread, somewhat similar to one used by North American delis and not as dense as German variety
  • Piroshki small pies or buns with sweet or savoury filling
  • Golubtsy Cabbage rolls
  • Ikra Baklazhanaya aubergine spread
  • Okroshka Cold soups based on kvass or sour milk
  • Schi cabbage soup and Green schi sorrel soup, may be served cold
  • Borsch beet and garlic soup
  • Vinegret salad of boiled beets, potato, carrots and other vegetables with vinegar
  • Olivier russian version of potato salad
  • Shashlyk various kebabs from the Caucasus republics of the former Soviet Union

Both Saint Petersburg and Moscow offer sophisticated, world class dining and a wide variety of cuisines including Japanese, Tibetan and Italian They are also excellent cities to sample some of the best cuisines of the former Soviet Union eg, Georgian and Uzbek It is also possible to eat well and cheaply there without resorting to the many western fast food chains that have opened up Russians have their own versions of fast food restaurants which range from cafeteria style serving comfort foods to streetside kiosks cooking up blinis or stuffed potatos Although their menus may not be in English, it is fairly easy to point to what is wanted - or at a picture of it, not unlike at western fast food restaurants A small Russian dictionary will be useful at non- touristy restaurants offering table service where staff members will not speak English and the menus will be entirely in Cyrillic, but prices very reasonable Russian meat soups and meat pies are excellent

It is better not to drink the tap water in Russia and to avoid using ice in drinks, however bottled water and Coca Cola are available everywhere food is served

Stylish cafes serving cappuccino, espresso, toasted sandwiches, rich cakes and pastries are popping up all over Saint Petersburg and Moscow Some do double duty as wine bars, others are also internet cafes

Unlike Europe, cafes in Russia кафе do not serve only drinks, but also a full range of meals typically cooked in advance--unlike restaurants where part or whole cooking cycle is performed after you make an order

Drinking in Russia

Vodka, imported liquors rum, gin, etc, international soft-drinks Pepsi, Coca- Cola, Fanta, etc, local soft drinks Tarhun, Buratino, Baikal, etc, distilled water, kvas sour-sweet non-alcoholic naturally carbonized drink made from fermented dark bread and mors traditional wild berry drink

Beer in Russia is cheap and the varieties are endless of both Russian and international brands It is found for sale at any street vendor warm or stall varies in the center of any city and costs costs double and triple the closer you are to the center from about 17 Rubles about 50 US cents to 130 Rubles about 4 US Dollars for a 05l bottle or can "Small" bottles and cans 033l and around are also widely sold, and there are also plastic bottles of 1, 15, 2 liters or even more, similar to those in which soft carbonated drinks are usually sold - many cheaper beers are sold that way and, being even cheaper due to large volume, are quite popular, despite some people say it can have a "plastic" taste The highest prices especially in the bars and restaurants are traditionally in Moscow; Saint-Petersburg, on the other hand, is known for the cheaper and often better beers Smaller cities and towns generally have similar prices if bought in the shop, but significantly lower ones in the bars and street cafes Popular local brands of beer are Baltika, Stary Mel'nik, Bochkareff, Zolotaya Bochka, Tin'koff and many others Locally made mainly except some Czech and possibly some other European beers - you won't miss these, the price of a "local" Czech beer from the same shelf will be quite different international trademarks like Holsten, Carlsberg, etc are also widely available, but their quality doesn't differ so much from local beers Soft drinks usually start from 20-30 Rubles yes, same or even more expensive than an average local beer in a same shop and can cost up to 60 Rubles or more in the Moscow center for a 05l plastic bottle or 033l can

Street vendors usually operate mainly in tourist- and local-frequented areas, and many of them especially those who walk around without a stall are working without a license, usually paying some kind of a bribe to local police Their beer, however, is usually OK, as it was just bought in a nearby shop In the less weekend-oriented locations, large booths "lar'ki" or "palatki", singular: "laryok" "stall" or "palatka" literally, "tent" can be found everywhere, especially near metro stations and bus stops They sell soft drinks, beer, and "cocktails" basically a cheap soft drink mixed with alcohol, bad hangover is guaranteed from the cheaper ones and their prices, while still not high, are often 20-40% more than those in supermarkets The chain supermarkets excluding some "elite" ones and malls mostly on bigger cities' outskirts are usually the cheapest option for buying drinks for food, the local markets in the smaller cities, but not in Moscow, are often cheaper Staff of all of these maybe except in some supermarkets, if you're lucky does not speak or, at the best, speaks very basic English even in Moscow

Mixed alcoholic beverages as well as beers at nightclubs and bars are extremely expensive and are served without ice, with the mix for example, coke and alcohol charged for separately Bringing your own is neither encouraged nor allowed, and some usually dance-all-night venues oriented to the young crowd places in Moscow even can take some measures to prevent customers from drinking outside like a face-control who may refuse an entry on return, or the need to pay entry fee again after going out, or even from drinking the tap water instead of overpriced soft drinks by leaving only hot water available in the lavatories Any illegal drugs are best avoided by the people not accustomed to the country - the enforcement is, in practice, focused on collecting more bribes from those buying and taking, rather than on busting drug-dealers, the people selling recreational illegal drugs in the clubs are too often linked with or watched by police; plain-clothes policemen know and frequently visit the venues where drugs are popular, and you will likely end up in a lot of trouble with notoriously corrupt Russian police and probably paying multi-thousand-dollar if not worse bribe to get out, if you'll get caught It really doesn't worth the risk here

Wines from Georgia and Moldova are quite popular although all products from Georgia are illegal 2005 In Moscow and Saint Petersburg, most restaurants have a selection of European wines--generally at a high price Please note that Russians prefer sweet wine as opposed to dry French Chablis is widely available at restaurants and is of good quality The Chablis runs about 240 rubles per glass $8 USD currently All white wines are served room temperature unless you are at an international hotel that caters to Westerners

Soviet champagne Советское Шампанское, Sovetskoye Shampanskoye or, more politically correctly just sparkling wine Игристые вина, Igristie vina is also served everywhere in the former Soviet Union at a reasonable price The quality is generally on the level of cheap European sparkling wines and by far the most common variety is polusladkoye semi-sweet, a misnomer for what most Westerners find syrupy-sweet, but the better brands also come in polusukhoe semi-dry and sukhoe dry varieties The original producer and Sovetskoye Shampanskoye trademark holder is Latvijas Balzams in Latvia, but Ukrainian brands like Odessa or Krymskoe are also very popular Among Russian brands, the best brands seem to originate from the southern regions where grapes are widely grown One of a quality Russian brands is Abrau-Dyurso 200-700 Rubles for a bottle in the supermarket depending on variety; Tsimlyanskoe 150-250 Rubles is also popular The quality of the cheapest ones from 85-120 Rubles, depending on where you buy varies, you can buy if you do want to have a try while not paying much, but, for returning home, it's wiser to stick to something better

Genuine kvass is very hard to find in the cities, there are only some chances in rural areas--but even there, only by a recommendation Whatever is sold in supermarkets as kvass is merely an imitation, and is pretty far from a real product What makes genuine kvass different includes: limited lifetime normally 1 week, contains some alcohol 07% to 26% vol and should be stored in a fridge

Accommodation in Russia

In most cities, quality hotels are really scarce: most were built in Soviet times decades ago and are recently renovated in decor, but rarely in service and attitude Even for a local, it's quite a problem to find a good hotel without a recommendation from a trusted person For the same reason, it may be really hard to find a hotel during mass tourist-oriented events like StPete anniversary

Hotels in Russia may be quite expensive in metropolises and touristy areas If you do speak a bit of Russian and are not entirely culture shocked, it is much smarter to seek out and rent a room in a private residence Most Russians are looking to make extra money and, having space to spare, will rent it out to a tourist gladly Native Moscovites or residents of Saint Petersburg would rather rent out to tourists than their own countrymen: foreigners are considered more trustworthy and orderly Expect to pay 60-70 USD a night usually with breakfast prepared by your host, and the accommodations will certainly be very clean and proper if not modern When it comes to home/family life, Russian culture is very warm and inviting

Another useful option is short-term apartment rental offered by small companies or individuals This means that certain flats in regular living buildings are permanently rented out on a daily basis The flats may differ in their location and quality from old-fashioned to recently renovated, but in any case you get a one- or two-room apartment with own kitchen, toilet, and bath Additionally, the hosts provide bed linen as well as cups, plates, and other kitchen equipment The apartment rental provides great autonomy and flexibility eg, there is no strict check-out time On the other hand, you do not get certain hotel facilities, such as breakfast, laundry service, etc The price for the daily apartment rental normally does not exceed the price for the hotel of similar quality, so it is a very useful options, especially in large cities The negotiations are usually quite official: the host collects the data from your ID, while you get a bill and a rental agreement

A new phenomenon has been the development of "mini-hotels" in large Russian cities Such hotels usually but not necessarily! provide clean modern rooms with private baths at far lower costs than conventional large hotels, approximately $60 vs well over $150 These small hotels are located within existing apartment buildings and include one, two, or more floors located a story or two above street level They also often serve breakfast Saint Petersburg has quite a few with more opening all of the time and some are appearing in Moscow

Couchsurfing is very popular in Russian cities

Cities in Russia

abadzekhskaya  abagur  abakan  aban  abatskoye  abaza  abdulino  abinsk  abramovka  abramtsevo  abrau-dyurso  achikulak  achinsk  achisu  achit  achkhoy-martan  adamovka  adil-yangiyurt  adyge-khabl  adygeysk  afanasyevo  afipskiy  afonino  afrikanda  agalatovo  agapovka  ageyevo  agidel  aginskoye  aginskoye  agirish  agronom  agvali  ak-dovurak  akhtanizovskaya  akhtubinsk  akhty  akhtyrskiy  akkermanovka  aknada  aksakovo  aksarayskiy  aksarka  aksay  aksay  aksha  aktanysh  aktash  aktyubinskiy  akusha  alabino  alabushevo  alagir  alakurtti  alburikent  aldan  aleksandriya  aleksandriyskaya  aleksandro-nevskiy  aleksandrov  aleksandrov gay  aleksandrovka  aleksandrovka  aleksandrovsk  aleksandrovskaya  aleksandrovskaya  aleksandrovskiy zavod  aleksandrovskoye  aleksandrovskoye  aleksandrovsk-sakhalinskiy  alekseyevka  alekseyevka  alekseyevka  alekseyevka  alekseyevsk  alekseyevskaya  alekseyevskaya  alekseyevskoye  aleksin  aleysk  ali-berdukovskiy  alikovo  aliskerovo  ali-yurt  alkhan-churt  alkhan-kala  alkhan-yurt  alkhazurovo  allakh-yun  alleroy  almaznyy  almaznyy  almenevo  almetyevsk  alnashi  alpatovo  altayskoye  altud  altukhovo  alzamay  amazar  amderma  amga  amursk  amurzet  amzya  anadyr  anapskaya  anastasiyevskaya  andi  andra  andreapol  andreyevka  andreyevo  andzhiyevskiy  angarsk  aniva  anna  annino  anopino  ansalta  antipino  antipovka  antropovo  anuchino  anzhero-sudzhensk  apastovo  apatity  aprelevka  apsheronsk  aramil  arbagar  arbazh  ardatov  ardatov  ardon  ardon  argayash  argudan  arkadak  arkhangelsk  arkhangelskaya  arkhangelskoye  arkhangelskoye  arkhangelskoye  arkhangelskoye  arkhara  arkhipo-osipovka  arkhipovka  arkhonskaya  arkul  arman  armavir  armizonskoye  aromashevo  arsenyev  arshan  arsk  arti  artyk  artyshta  arya  arzamas  arzgir  asbest  asbestovskiy  asekeyevo  asha  ashitkovo  ashukino  asino  askarovo  askino  askiz  assinovskaya  astrakhan  atagay  atamanovka  atamanskaya  atemar  ateptsevo  atig  atka  atkarsk  atyashevo  atyuryevo  aushiger  avdon  avsyunino  avtury  ayan  ayat  aykhal  aykino  aysha  ayutinskiy  azanka  azov  azovo  azovskaya  babayurt  babino  babstovo  babushkin  babynino  bachatskiy  bachi-yurt  bada  bagan  bagdarin  bakal  bakaly  bakchar  baksan  baksanenok  baksheyevo  balabanovo  balagansk  balakhna  balakhninskiy  balakhonovskoye  balakhta  balakirevo  balakovo  balasheyka  balashikha  balashov  baley  balezino  balgazyn  baltasi  baltay  baltiysk  balyaga  bammatyurt  bamut  barabash  barabinsk  baranchinskiy  baranikha  barashevo  barda  barguzin  barnaul  barsovo  barsuki  barsukovskaya  barvikha  baryatino  barybino  barysh  baryshevo  barzas  bashmakovo  basyanovskiy  batagay-alyta  batagay  batashyurt  bataysk  batayurt  batetskiy  baturinskaya  batyrevo  bavleny  bavly  bavtugay  bayanday  bayangol  bayevo  baykal  baykalovo  baykalsk  bay-khaak  baykit  baymak  bazarnyye mataki  bazarnyy karabulak  bazarnyy syzgan  bazhovo  bednodemyanovsk  begichevskiy  begunitsy  bekeshevskaya  bekhteyevka  bekovo  belaya  belaya glina  belaya gora  belaya kalitva  belaya kholunitsa  belaya rechka  belaya rechka  belebey  belgatoy  belgorod  belichan  belidzhi  belinskiy  belogorsk  belogorsk  belokurikha  belomorsk  beloomut  beloostrov  belorechensk  belorechensk  belorechka  beloretsk  belousovo  belovo  beloyarsk  beloyarskiy  beloye  belozernyy  belozerskoye  belushya guba  belyayevka  belyy  belyye berega  belyye stolby  belyy gorodok  belyy yar  belyy yar  beno-yurt  berdigestyakh  berdsk  berdyaush  berdyuzhye  beregovoy  bereslavka  bereza  berezanskaya  berezayka  bereznik  berezniki  berezovka  berezovka  berezovyy  berikulskiy  beringovskiy  berkakit  bershet  beshpagir  besleney  besskorbnaya  bessonovka  bessonovka  betki  betlitsa  beya  bezenchuk  bezhanitsy  bezhetsk  bezhta  bezopasnoye  bezymyannyy  bichura  bikin  bilibino  bilimbay  bira  birakan  birobidzhan  birsk  biryusinsk  biser  bisert  biskamzha  biysk  bizhbulyak  blagodarnyy  blagodatnoye  blagoveshchenka  blagoveshchensk  blagoveshchensk  blagoyevo  blechepsin  blizhne-pesochnoye  bobrov  bobrovka  bobrovskiy  bodaybo  bogandinskiy  bogashevo  bogatoye  bogatyr  bogatyye saby  bogdanovich  bogolyubovo  bogoroditsk  bogorodsk  bogorodskoye  bogorodskoye  bogorodskoye  bogorodskoye  bogoslovka  bogotol  bogovarovo  bograd  boguchany  boguchar  bokhan  bokino  bokovskaya  boksitogorsk  bolgar  bolkhov  bologoye  bolokhovo  bolotnoye  bolshaya atnya  bolshaya chernigovka  bolshaya dzhalga  bolshaya glushitsa  bolshaya irba  bolshaya izhora  bolshaya martynovka  bolshaya murta  bolshaya orlovka  bolshaya rechka  bolshaya sosnova  bolshaya vishera  bolshaya yelkhovka  bolshegrivskoye  bolsheustikinskoye  bolshevik  bolshevik  bolshevo  bolshiye berezniki  bolshiye chapurniki  bolshiye dvory  bolshiye kaybitsy  bolshiye klyuchishchi  bolshiye saly  bolshiye uki  bolshoye bunkovo  bolshoye ignatovo  bolshoye kozino  bolshoye murashkino  bolshoye nagatkino  bolshoye pikino  bolshoye polpino  bolshoye selo  bolshoye soldatskoye  bolshoye sorokino  bolshoy istok  bolshoy kamen  bolshoy log  bolshoy lug  bolshoy nimnyr  bolshoy tsaryn  bolshoy uluy  bor  borgustanskaya  borinskoye  borisoglebsk  borisoglebskiy  borisovka  borodino  borodinskiy  borogontsy  borovichi  borovikha  borovoy  borovoy  borovsk  borovskiy  borskoye  borzoy  borzya  boshnyakovo  botlikh  bratsk  bratskoye  bredy  breytovo  brindakit  brinkovskaya  brodokalmak  bronnitsy  brusyanskiy  bryansk  bryukhovetskaya  budogoshch  bugry  bugulma  buguruslan  buinsk  buinsk  bukachacha  bulanash  burayevo  burevestnik  bureya  buribay  burkhala  burla  burlatskoye  burmakino  buron  bursol  burtunay  butka  buturlino  buturlinovka  buy  buynaksk  buzdyak  buzuluk  bykov  bykovo  bykovo  bystrogorskiy  bystryy istok  bytosh  bytosh  chaadayevka  chaa-khol  chadan  chagda  chagoda  chaltyr  chamlykskaya  chany  chapaevsk  chaplygin  chara  charyshskoye  chastoozerye  chastyye  chaykovskaya  chaykovskiy  chebarkul  chebenki  cheboksary  chebsara  chechen-aul  chegdomyn  chegem  chegem vtoroy  chekalin  chekhov  chekhov  chekmagush  chelbasskaya  chelno-vershiny  chelyabinsk-40  chelyabinsk-70  chelyabinsk  chemal  chemodanovka  cherdakly  cherdyn  cheremisinovo  cheremkhovo  cheremnoye  cheremshan  cheremshanka  cheremukhovo  cheremushskiy  cherepanovo  cherepet  cherepovets  cherkasskoye  cherkessk  cherkizovo  cherlak  chermen  chermoz  chernaya kholunitsa  chern  chernenko  chernigovka  chernitsyno  chernogolovka  chernogorsk  chernoistochinsk  chernolesskoye  chernomorskiy  chernoye  chernoyerkovskaya  chernukha  chernushka  chernyakhovsk  chernyanka  chernyshevsk  chernyshevskiy  chernyshkovskiy  chernyy yar  cherskiy  chertkovo  cherusti  chervishevo  chesma  cheuskiny  chibizhek  chik  chikola  chikoy  chinar  chiri-yurt  chirkey  chistogorskiy  chistoye  chita  chkalov  chkalovsk  chkalovskoye  chokurdakh  chontaul  choya  chuchkovo  chudovo  chufarovo  chugunash  chuguyevka  chukhloma  chulman  chulym  chumikan  chunoyar  chunskiy  chupa  churapcha  chusovoy  dachnoye  dagestanskiye ogni  dalmatovo  dalnegorsk  dalnerechensk  dalneye konstantinovo  danilov  danilovka  dankov  darasun  darovskoy  dauriya  davenda  davlekanovo  davydovka  davydovo  debin  dedenevo  dedovichi  dedovsk  degtyarsk  de-kastri  demidov  demikhovo  demyanovo  demyansk  deputatskiy  derbent  dergachi  desnogorsk  detchino  devitsa  devyatka  deyskoye  digora  dikson  dimitrovgrad  dinskaya  diveyevo  divnogorsk  divnomorskoye  divnoye  dmitriyevka  dmitriyevka  dmitriyev-lgovskiy  dmitriyevskaya  dmitriyevskoye  dmitrov  dmitrovsk-orlovskiy  dneprovskaya  dno  dobrinka  dobroye  dobrun  dobryanka  dobryatino  dokshukino  dolakovo  dolgoderevenskoye  dolgoprudnyy  dolgorukovo  dolgoye  dolinsk  dolmatovskiy  dolzhanskaya  dombarovskiy  dombay  domna  domodedovo  dondukovskaya  donetsk  donskoy  donskoy  donskoye  donskoye  donskoye  donskoye  dormidontovka  dorogino  dorogobuzh  dorokhovo  doschatoye  dovolnoye  drakino  drezna  drovyanaya  druzhba  druzhba  druzhba  druzhinino  druzhnaya gorka  duba-yurt  dubenskiy  dubinino  dubki  dubki  dubki  dubna  dubna  dubovka  dubovka  dubovskoye  dubovyy umet  dubrovka  dubrovka  dubrovka  dudinka  due  dugna  dugulubgey  dukat  dukhovnitskoye  dukhovshchina  duldurga  dulyapino  duminichi  durgeli  duvan  dvinskoy  dvubratskiy  dvurechensk  dyadkovskaya  dyakonovo  dyatkovo  dylym  dyshne-vedeno  dyurtyuli  dzerzhinsk  dzerzhinskiy  dzerzhinskoye  dzhalil  dzhalka  dzhebariki-khaya  dzheguta  dzheyrakh  dzhida  dzhiginka  dzhubga  edissiya  egvekinot  ekazhevo  ekhabi  ekimchan  elban  elbrus  elbrusskiy  eldikan  elektrogorsk  elektrostal  elektrougli  elginskiy  elista  elkhotovo  emmauss  endirey  enem  energetik  engels  engel-yurt  erken-shakhar  erpeli  ertil  erzin  ese-khayya  esso  etoka  evensk  fakel  fastovetskaya  fatezh  fedorovskoye  ferma  fershampenuaz  ferzikovo  fevralsk  filimonovo  firovo  firsanovka  foki  fokino  fornosovo  fosforitnyy  frolishchi  frolovo  fryanovo  fryazino  furmanov  gagatli  gagino  galashki  galbshtadt  galchino  galich  galimyy  galitsy  galyugayevskaya  gamovo  gaptsakh  garbolovo  gari  gastello  gatchina  gavrilovka  gavrilovka vtoraya  gavrilov posad  gavrilov-yam  gayduk  gay  gayny  gazimurskiy zavod  gdov  gedzhukh  gekhi  gelendzhik  georgievsk  georgiu-dezh  georgiyevka  georgiyevskaya  georgiyevskoye  gereykhanovskoye  gerga  gergebil  germenchik  germenchuk  gerzel-aul  giaginskaya  gidrotorf  gigant  gimry  girey  gizel  glazov  glazunovka  glebychevo  glinishchevo  glinka  glotovka  glubokiy  glubokiy  glushkovo  glyadyanskoye  gofitskoye  golitsyno  golovchino  golovino  golubitskaya  golynki  golyshmanovo  goragorskiy  gorbatov  gorbatovka  gorbunki  gordeyevka  gorelki  goreloye  gorin  gorkovskiy  gorkovskoye  gorno-altaysk  gorno-chuyskiy  gornopravdinsk  gornorechenskiy  gornouralskiy  gornoye loo  gornozavodsk  gornozavodsk  gornyak  gornyak  gornyatskiy  gornyye klyuchi  gornyy  gornyy  gornyy  gornyy  gornyy  gornyy shchit  gorodets  gorodishche  gorodishche  gorodishche  gorodovikovsk  gorokhovets  gorshechnoye  goryachegorsk  goryachevodskiy  goryachiy klyuch  gostilitsy  goyty  grabovo  grakhovo  gramoteino  grayvoron  grazhdanskoye pervoye  grebenskaya  gremyachinsk  gremyachye  gribanovskiy  grigoropolisskaya  gritsovskiy  grivenskaya  grushevskaya  gryazi  gryazovets  gubakha  gubden  gubkin  gubkinskiy  gubskaya  gudermes  gukovo  gulkevichi  gumrak  gundorovskiy  gunib  gurbuki  gurskoye  guryevsk  guryevsk  gusev  gusevskiy  gusino  gusinoye ozero  gus-khrustalnyy  gus-zheleznyy  gvardeysk  gvardeyskoye  gzhatsk  ibresi  idrinskoye  idritsa  igarka  iglino  ignatovka  igra  igrim  iki-burul  ikon-khalk  ikovka  ikryanoye  iksha  ilanskiy  ilaskhan-yurt  ilek  ileza  ilinka  ilinogorsk  ilinskaya  ilinskiy  ilinskiy  ilinskiy  ilinsko-podomskoye  ilinskoye-khovanskoye  ilka  ilovka  ilovlya  ilskiy  imeni babushkina  imeni karla libknekhta  imeni lva tolstogo  imeni morozova  imeni poliny osipenko  imeni stepana razina  imeni sverdlova  imeni telmana  imeni tsyurupy  imeni vorovskogo  imeni vorovskogo  imeni zhelyabova  inderka  industrialnyy  insar  inskoy  inta  inza  inzer  inzhavino  ipatovo  irbeyskoye  irbit  irgakly  irklievskaya  irkutsk  irsha  irtyshskiy  irtyshskiy  isakly  iset  isetskoye  ishcherskaya  isheyevka  ishimbay  ishim  ishkhoy-yurt  ishlei  ishnya  isilkul  is  iskateley  iskitim  islamey  ispravnaya  issa  istok  istok  istra  isyangulovo  itaka  itatskiy  itum-kale  ivangorod  ivanino  ivanishchi  ivankovskiy  ivanovka  ivanovka  ivanovo  ivanovskaya  ivanovskoye  ivanteyevka  ivanteyevka  ivdel  ivnya  ivolginsk  ivot  izberbash  izhevsk  izhevskoye  izhma  izhmorskiy  izmalkovo  izmaylovo  iznoski  izobilnyy  izoplit  izumrud  izvestkovyy  kaa-khem  kabakovo  kabansk  kabardinka  kachkanar  kachug  kadaya  kadnikov  kadom  kadoshkino  kaduy  kadykchan  kadyy  kafyr-kumukh  kagalnik  kagalnitskaya  kakashura  kakhun  kalachinsk  kalach-na-donu  kalanguy  kalashnikovo  kalevala  kalga  kalikino  kalininaul  kaliningrad  kalinin  kalinino  kalininskaya  kalininsk  kalino  kalinovo  kalinovskaya  kalinovskoye  kalmanka  kalnibolotskaya  kaltan  kaltasy  kaluga  kalya  kalyazin  kama  kambarka  kambileyevskoye  kamenetskiy  kamenka  kamenka  kamenka  kamenka  kamenka  kamenka  kamenka  kamen-na-obi  kamennogorsk  kamennomostskiy  kamennomostskoye  kamenolomni  kamen-rybolov  kamenskiy  kamenskoye  kamensk-shakhtinskiy  kamensk-uralskiy  kameshkovo  kaminskiy  kamskiye polyany  kamskoye ustye  kamyshevatskaya  kamyshin  kamyshla  kamyshlov  kamyzyak  kanadey  kanashevo  kanash  kandalaksha  kandry  kanelovskaya  kanevskaya  kangalassy  kangly  kankunskiy  kansk  kantemirovka  kantyshevo  kapustin yar  karabanovo  karabash  karabash  karabudakhkent  karabulak  karachev  karagach  karagay  karagaylinskiy  karaidel  karaidelskiy  karakulino  karamakhi  karamken  karasuk  karata  karatuzskoye  kara-tyube  karaul  karavayevo  kardailovo  kardonikskaya  kardymovo  kardzhin  kargala  kargalinskaya  kargapolye  kargasok  kargat  kargopol  karmaskaly  karpinsk  karpogory  karpuninskiy  karpushikha  karsun  kartaly  karymskoye  kashary  kashin  kashira  kashirskoye  kashkhatau  kasimov  kasli  kaspiyskiy  kaspiysk  kastornoye  kasumkent  katangli  katav-ivanovsk  kataysk  katunino  katunki  katyr-yurt  kavalerovo  kavkazskaya  kavkazskiy  kayakent  kayasula  kayerkan  kazachinskoye  kazachinskoye  kazachka  kazaki  kazan  kazanovka  kazanskaya  kazanskaya  kazanskoye  kaz  kazminskoye  kaznacheyevskiy  kedrovka  kedrovoye  kedrovyy  kemerovo  kem  kemlya  kenzhe  kerchevskiy  kerva  kerzhenets  kesova gora  ketchenery  ketovo  kevsala  kez  khabarovsk  khabary  khabez  khadyzhensk  khadzhalmakhi  khakurinokhabl  khalimbekaul  khamamatyurt  khambi-irze  khandagayty  khandyga  khani  khanino  khankala  khanskaya  kharabali  kharitonovo  kharovsk  kharp  khasan  khasanya  khatanga  khatassy  khatukay  khazar  khebda  khelyulya  khilok  khimki  khingansk  khislavichi  khiv  khlevnoye  khodz  khokhlovo  khokhol  khokholskiy  khokhryaki  kholbon  kholm  kholmogory  kholmskaya  kholmsk  kholm-zhirkovskiy  kholodnyy  kholst  kholtoson  kholuy  khomutovka  khomutovo  khomutovo  khonuu  khorinsk  khor  khorlovo  khorol  khotkovo  khotynets  khovu-aksy  khrebtovaya  khrenovoye  khristoforovo  khrustalnyy  khryashchevka  khuchni  khumalag  khunzakh  khurba  khuzhir  khvalynsk  khvastovichi  khvatovka  khvorostyanka  khvoynaya  kichera  kichmengskiy gorodok  kidero  kikerino  kiknur  kildinstroy  kilemary  kilmez  kilmez  kimovsk  kimry  kinel-cherkassy  kinel  kineshma  kingisepp  kipen  kirensk  kireyevsk  kirgiz-miyaki  kirillov  kirishi  kirovgrad  kirov  kirov  kirovo-chepetsk  kirovskaya  kirovskiy  kirovskiy  kirovskiy  kirovsk  kirovsk  kirpilskaya  kirsanov  kirs  kirya  kirzhach  kishcha  kishpek  kislovodsk  kislyakovskaya  kitovo  kitoy  kiyasovo  kiyevskoye  kizel  kizema  kizhinga  kizilskoye  kizlyar  kizlyar  kizner  kletnya  kletskaya  klichka  klimovo  klimovsk  klin  klintsy  klyavlino  klyazma  klyuchevskiy  klyuchevsk  klyuchi  klyuchi  klyuchi  knevichi  knyaginino  knyaze-volkonskoye  koboldo  kobrinskoye  kochevo  kochki  kochkurovo  kochubeyevskoye  kochubey  kodino  kodinsk  kokhma  kokino  kokorevka  kokoshkino  kokrek  koksovyy  kokuy  kola  kolchugino  kolendo  kolobovo  kolodeznyy  kologriv  kolomna  kolosovka  kolpashevo  kolpino  kolpny  koltsovo  koltsovo  koltubanovskiy  kolyshley  kolyubakino  kolyvan  komarichi  komarikhinskiy  komarovo  kommunarka  kommunar  kommunar  kommunar  kommunisticheskiy  komsomolets  komsomolets  komsomolskiy  komsomolskiy  komsomolskiy  komsomolskiy  komsomolskiy  komsomolskiy  komsomolskiy  komsomolskiy  komsomolsk  komsomolsk  komsomolsk-na-amure  komsomolskoye  komsomolskoye  komsomolskoye  konakovo  kondinskoye  kondol  kondopoga  kondratovo  kondrovo  konevo  konokovo  konosha  konstantinovka  konstantinovo  konstantinovskaya  konstantinovskaya  konstantinovskiy  konstantinovsk  konstantinovskoye  konyshevka  kopanskaya  kopeysk  kopyevo  korablino  korenevo  korenovsk  korfovskiy  korkino  korkmaskala  kormilovka  korocha  korsakov  korsakovo  kortkeros  koryazhma  korzhevskiy  kosa  kosaya gora  kosh-agach  koshekhabl  koshkeldy  koshki  koshurnikovo  kosikha  kosino  koslan  kosmynino  kostek  kosterevo  kostino  kostomuksha  kostroma  kosya  kotelnich  kotelniki  kotelnikovo  kotlas  kotlyarevskaya  kotovo  kotovsk  kovalevskoye  kovdor  kovernino  kovrov  kovylkino  koyelga  koygorodok  kozelsk  kozhevnikovo  kozhva  kozhym  kozlovka  kozlovka  kozlovo  kozmodemyansk  kozulka  krapivinskiy  krasavino  kraskino  kraskovo  krasnaya gora  krasnaya gorbatka  krasnaya gorka  krasnaya gorka  krasnaya polyana  krasnaya polyana  krasnaya polyana  krasnaya poyma  krasnaya yaruga  krasnaya zarya  krasnenkaya  krasnoarmeyskiy  krasnoarmeysk  krasnoarmeysk  krasnoarmeyskoye  krasnoarmeyskoye  krasnoborsk  krasnobrodskiy  krasnodar  krasnofarfornyy  krasnogorodsk  krasnogorskiy  krasnogorskiy  krasnogorskiy  krasnogorsk  krasnogorsk  krasnogorskoye  krasnogorskoye  krasnogvardeyets  krasnogvardeyskiy  krasnogvardeyskoye  krasnogvardeyskoye  krasnogvardeyskoye  krasnokamensk  krasnokamensk  krasnokamsk  krasnokholm  krasnokholmskiy  krasnokumskoye  krasnolesnyy  krasnomayskiy  krasnoobsk  krasnooktyabrskiy  krasnooktyabrskiy  krasnooktyabrskiy  krasnorechenskiy  krasnoselkup  krasnoselskiy  krasnoshchekovo  krasnoslobodsk  krasnoslobodsk  krasnoturansk  krasnoturinsk  krasnoufimsk  krasnouralsk  krasnousolskiy  krasnovishersk  krasnovka  krasnoyarka  krasnoyarsk-45  krasnoyarsk-66  krasnoyarskaya  krasnoyarskiy  krasnoyarsk  krasnoye  krasnoye  krasnoye  krasnoye  krasnoye-na-volge  krasnoye selo  krasnozatonskiy  krasnozavodsk  krasnozerskoye  krasnoznamensk  krasnyy bogatyr  krasnyy bor  krasnyy chikoy  krasnyye baki  krasnyye barrikady  krasnyye chetai  krasnyye tkachi  krasnyy gulyay  krasnyy kholm  krasnyy klyuch  krasnyy kommunar  krasnyy  krasnyy kurgan  krasnyy kut  krasnyy luch  krasnyy mayak  krasnyy oktyabr  krasnyy oktyabr  krasnyy oktyabr  krasnyy profintern  krasnyy sulin  krasnyy tekstilshchik  krasnyy tkach  krasnyy yar  krasnyy yar  krasnyy yar  krasnyy yar  krasnyy yar  krasnyy yar  krasyukovskaya  kratovo  krechevitsy  kremenki  kresttsy  krivodanovka  krivopolyanye  krivosheino  krivyanskaya  kromy  kronshtadt  kropachevo  kropotkin  kropotkin  krotovka  kruglolesskoye  krutaya gorka  krutikha  krutinka  krylovskaya  krym  krymsk  ksenyevka  kshenskiy  kstovo  kubachi  kubanskiy  kuba-taba  kubinka  kudeyevskiy  kudinovo  kudryashovskiy  kudymkar  kugesi  kugulta  kukmor  kukushtan  kulary  kuldur  kulebaki  kuleshovka  kuli  kulotino  kuloy  kultayevo  kultuk  kulunda  kulzeb  kumeny  kumertau  kuminskiy  kumukh  kumylzhenskaya  kumysh  kunashak  kunerma  kungur  kungurtug  kunya  kupavna  kupino  kuragino  kurakh  kurchaloy  kurchanskaya  kurchatov  kurdzhinovo  kurganinsk  kurgan  kuri  kurilsk  kurkent  kurkino  kurlovo  kurmanayevka  kurovskoye  kurovskoy  kursavka  kurskaya  kursk  kurtamysh  kurumkan  kurumoch  kurush  kurya  kusa  kushchevskaya  kushnarenkovo  kushva  kusye-aleksandrovskiy  kutulik  kuvandyk  kuvshinovo  kuyanovo  kuybyshevo  kuybyshevskiy zaton  kuytun  kuzedeyevo  kuzhener  kuzhenkino  kuzhorskaya  kuzino  kuzino  kuzmolovskiy  kuznechikha  kuznechnoye  kuznetsk  kuzovatovo  kvarkeno  kvitok  kyakhta  kyakhulay  kyra  kyren  kyshtovka  kyshtym  kysyl-syr  kytlym  kytmanovo  kyzburun pervyy  kyzyl  kyzyl-mazhalyk  kyzyl-oktyabr  labinsk  labytnangi  ladovskaya balka  ladozhskaya  ladushkin  laishevo  lakhdenpokhya  lakinsk  lalsk  lashma  latnaya  lavrentiya  lazarev  lazo  lebedinyy  lebedyan  lebyazhye  lebyazhye  lebyazhye  lebyazhye  lechinkay  lenina  leninaul  leningradskaya  leningradskiy  leninkent  leninogorsk  leninskaya sloboda  leninskiy  leninskiy  leninsk-kuznetskiy  leninsk  leninsk  leninskoye  leninskoye  lenki  lensk  leonidovo  lepley  lermontovka  lermontov  leshukonskoye  leskolovo  lesnikovo  lesnoye  lesnoy gorodok  lesnoy  lesnoy  lesnoy  lesnoy  lesnyye polyany  lesnyye polyany  lesogorskiy  lesogorsk  lesogorsk  lesosibirsk  lesozavodsk  letka  letnik  letnyaya stavka  levashi  levashovo  levikha  levokumka  levokumskoye  lev tolstoy  lgov  likhoslavl  likhovskoy  likhoy  liman  linda  lipetsk  lipin bor  lipki  lipovtsy  lisiy nos  listvyagi  listvyanka  listvyanskiy  litovko  livadiya  livenka  livny  lobanovo  lobnya  lobva  lodeynoye pole  log  loknya  lokomotivnyy  lokosovo  lokot  lomintsevskiy  lomonosov  lomovka  londoko  lopandino  lopatino  lopatinskiy  losevo  losino-petrovskiy  losinyy  lososina  lotoshino  loukhi  lovozero  loyga  lubyany  luchegorsk  luga  lugovaya  lugovoy  lugovskiy  lugovskoy  lukh  lukhovitsy  lukhovka  lukino  luknovo  lukovetskiy  lukovskaya  lukoyanov  lunino  lutkun  luza  luzino  lvovskiy  lvovskoye  lyambir  lyamino  lyangasovo  lyaskelya  lyskovo  lysogorskaya  lysva  lysyye gory  lytkarino  lyuban  lyubertsy  lyubim  lyubinskiy  lyubokhna  lyubuchany  lyubytino  lyudinovo  madzhalis  magadan  magan  magaramkent  magdagachi  magistralnyy  magnitka  magnitogorsk  mago  makarakskiy  makarov  makaryev  makaryevo  makhachkala  makhalino  makkaveyevo  maksatikha  makushino  malakhovka  malaya purga  malaya serdoba  malaya vishera  malchevskaya  malgobek  malino  malinovka  malinovoye ozero  malinovskiy  malka  malmyzh  maloarkhangelsk  maloshuyka  maloyaroslavets  maloyaz  maloye kozino  maloye verevo  malysheva  malyye derbety  mamakan  mama  mamedkala  mamonovo  mamontovka  mamontovo  manaskent  mankovo-kalitvenskoye  manturovo  manturovo  marevo  marfino  marfino  mariinskiy posad  mariinsk  marinskaya  mari-turek  markha  markova  markovo  marks  maromitsa  martan-chu  martyush  maryanovka  maryanskaya  maslova pristan  maslovka  maslovskiy  matveyevka  matveyev kurgan  mayachnyy  maykop  maykopskoye  maykor  mayma  mayna  mayna  mayrtup  mayskiy  mayskiy  mayskiy  mayskiy  mayskiy  mayskiy  mayya  mazulskiy  mechetinskaya  mednogorskiy  mednogorsk  medvedevo  medveditskiy  medvedka  medvedok  medvedovskaya  medvezhyegorsk  medyn  meget  megion  mekhelta  melekhovo  melekhovskaya  melenki  meleuz  melioratorov  melnikovo  mendeleyevo  mendeleyevo  mendeleyevo  mendeleyevskiy  mendeleyevsk  menzelinsk  meshcherino  meshchovsk  mesker-yurt  mesyagutovo  metallostroy  mezen  mezhdurechenskiy  mezhdurechensk  mezhdurechensk  mezhdurechensk  mezhevoy  mezinovskiy  mgachi  mga  mglin  miasskoye  miass  miatli  michurinsk  mikhaylovka  mikhaylovka  mikhaylovka  mikhaylov  mikhaylovskaya  mikhaylovsk  mikhaylovsk  mikhaylovskoye  mikhaylovskoye  mikun  milkovo  millerovo  miloslavskoye  milyutinskaya  mindyak  mineralnyye vody  mingrelskaya  minusinsk  minyar  mirnyy  mirnyy  mirnyy  mirnyy  mirnyy  mirskoy  mishelevka  misheronskiy  mishkino  mishkino  miskindzha  mitrofanovka  mizur  mnogovershinnyy  mochalishche  mochishche  mogocha  mogochin  mogoytuy  mogzon  mokhsogollokh  mokrous  mokrousovo  mokshan  molchanovo  molochnoye  molochnyy  molokovo  monastyrishche  monastyrshchina  monchegorsk  monetnyy  monino  mordovo  morgaushi  morki  morozovsk  morshansk  mortka  moryakovskiy zaton  mosalsk  moscow  moshenskoye  moshkovo  moskovskiy  moskovskiy  moskovskoye  mosta  mostovskoy  motygino  mozdok  mozhaysk  mozhga  mrakovo  mstera  mtsensk  muchkapskiy  mudyuga  mugi  mugreyevskiy  mugur-aksy  mukhanovo  mukhen  mukhor-shibir  mukhtolovo  mulda  mulino  mullovka  mundybash  murashi  muravlenko  murino  murmansk  murmashi  murmino  murom  muromtsevo  mursalimkino  murygino  muslyumovo  mutsalaul  muyezerskiy  muzhi  myatlevo  myaundzha  myshkin  myskhako  myski  mys shmidta  mytishchi  myurego  nachalovo  nadezhda  nadterechnoye  nadvoitsy  nadym  nagornskiy  nagornyy  nagornyy  nagorsk  nagutskoye  nakhabino  nakhodka  nalchik  nalobikha  namtsy  narimanov  naro-fominsk  narovchat  nartan  naryan-mar  naryshkino  natalinsk  natyrbovo  nauchnyy gorodok  naurskaya  naushki  navashino  navlya  navoloki  nazarovo  naziya  nazran  nebolchi  nebug  neftegorsk  neftegorsk  neftekamsk  neftekumsk  nefteyugansk  nekhayevskiy  neklyudovo  nekrasovka  nekrasovka  nekrasovskaya  nekrasovskiy  nekrasovskoye  nelidovo  nelkan  nema  neman  nemchinovka  nerchinskiy zavod  nerchinsk  nerekhta  nerl  neryungri  nesterov  nesterovskaya  nevel  nevelsk  neverkino  never  nevinnomyssk  nevyansk  neya  neyvo-rudyanka  neyvo-shaytanskiy  nezhinka  nezhinskiy  nezlobnaya  nikel  nikitinskiy  nikolayevka  nikolayevka  nikolayevka  nikolayevka  nikolayevka  nikolayevka  nikolayevskaya  nikolayevsk-na-amure  nikologory  nikolo-pavlovskoye  nikolskiy  nikolsk  nikolsk  nikolskoye-na-cheremshane  nikolskoye  nikolskoye  nikolskoye  nikolskoye  nikolskoye  niny  nizhneangarsk  nizhnedevitsk  nizhneivkino  nizhnekamsk  nizhneshilovka  nizhnetroitskiy  nizhneudinsk  nizhnevartovsk  nizhneyansk  nizhneye kazanishche  nizhniy baskunchak  nizhniy bestyakh  nizhniy cherek  nizhniy chir  nizhniy dzhengutay  nizhniye achaluki  nizhniye sergi  nizhniye vyazovyye  nizhniy ingash  nizhniy kislyay  nizhniy kuranakh  nizhniy kurkuzhin  nizhniy lomov  nizhniy mamon  nizhniy novgorod  nizhniy odes  nizhniy tagil-39  nizhniy tagil  nizhniy tsasuchey  nizhniy ufaley  nizhnyaya maktama  nizhnyaya omka  nizhnyaya pavlovka  nizhnyaya poyma  nizhnyaya salda  nizhnyaya tavda  nizhnyaya tura  noginsk  nogir  nogliki  nolinsk  norilsk  novaya bryan  novaya chara  novaya chigla  novaya igirma  novaya ladoga  novaya lyada  novaya lyalya  novaya maka  novaya malykla  novaya mayna  novaya tavolzhanka  novaya usman  novaya zaimka  novichikha  novikovo  novki  novoagansk  novoaleksandrovsk  novoalekseyevskaya  novoaltaysk  novoanninskiy  novoasbest  novobataysk  novobelokatay  novobessergenevka  novobeysugskaya  novobirilyussy  novobiryusinskiy  novoblagodarnoye  novobureyskiy  novocheboksarsk  novocheremshansk  novocherkassk  novochernorechenskiy  novoderevyankovskaya  novodmitriyevskaya  novodugino  novodzherelievskaya  novogagatli  novogornyy  novogurovskiy  novoilinskiy  novoilinsk  novokayakent  novokizhinginsk  novokorsunskaya  novokruchininskiy  novokubansk  novokuznetsk  novolabinskaya  novolakskoye  novoleushkovskaya  novolugovoye  novolvovsk  novomalorossiyskaya  novomichurinsk  novomikhaylovskiy  novomikhaylovskiy  novominskaya  novomoskovsk  novomyshastovskaya  novonikolayevskaya  novonikolayevskiy  novonikolsk  novonukutskiy  novoomskiy  novoorsk  novopavlovka  novopavlovsk  novopetrovskoye  novopistsovo  novoplatnirovskaya  novopodrezkovo  novopokrovka  novopokrovka  novopokrovskaya  novoraychikhinsk  novorossiysk  novorozhdestvenskaya  novorudnyy  novorzhev  novoseleznevo  novoselitskoye  novosemeykino  novosergiyevka  novoshakhtinskiy  novoshakhtinsk  novoshcherbinovskaya  novosheshminsk  novosibirsk  novosilikatnyy  novosil  novosineglazovskiy  novosmolinskiy  novosokolniki  novospasskoye  novosysoyevka  novotalitsy  novotitarovskaya  novotroitskaya  novotroitsk  novougolnyy  novoukrainskiy  novoukrainskoye  novoulyanovsk  novouralsk  novoutkinsk  novouzensk  novovarshavka  novovelichkovskaya  novovilvenskiy  novovoronezh  novovyazniki  novoye atlashevo  novoye devyatkino  novoyegoryevskoye  novoye leushino  novozavedennoye  novozavidovskiy  novozybkov  novyy buyan  novyy chirkey  novyye atagi  novyye burasy  novyye gorki  novyye lapsary  novyye lyady  novyy karachay  novyy khushet  novyy kostek  novyy nekouz  novyy oskol  novyy redant  novyy rogachik  novyy sulak  novyy urengoy  novyy urgal  novyy yegorlyk  noyabrsk  noybera  nozhay-yurt  nuradilovo  nurlat  nurma  nyagan  nyandoma  nyazepetrovsk  nyrob  nytva  nyuksenitsa  nyurba  obilnoye  oblivskaya  obluche  obninsk  ob  oboyan  obsharovka  ocher  odesskoye  odintsovo  odoyev  ogodzha  okhansk  okha  okhotsk  okoneshnikovo  oksovskiy  oktyabrskaya  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrskiy  oktyabrsk  oktyabrskoye  oktyabrskoye  oktyabrskoye  oktyabrskoye  oktyabrskoye  okulovka  ola  olenegorsk  olenino  olga  olginskaya  olginskaya  olginskoye  olkhovatka  olkhovka  olonets  olovyannaya  olymskiy  omsk  omsukchan  omutinskoye  omutninsk  onega  onguday  onokhino  onokhoy  opalikha  oparino  opochka  oranzherei  orda  ordynskoye  ordzhonikidzevskaya  ordzhonikidzevskiy  orekhovo-zuevo  orel-izumrud  orel  orgtrud  orichi  orlik  orlovka  orlovo  orlovskiy  orlovskiy  orotukan  orshanka  orsha  orsk  osa  osa  osinki  osinniki  osinovo  ossora  ostashkov  oster  ostrogozhsk  ostrovnoy  ostrov  ostrovskoye  ostrovtsy  otkaznoye  otradinskiy  otradnaya  otradnoye  otradnoye  otradnyy  otrado-kubanskoye  otrado-olginskoye  ous  overyata  ovsyanka  ovsyanka  oyek  oyskhara  ozerki  ozernovskiy  ozinki  pachelma  palana  palatka  palekh  palkino  pallasovka  pamyat parizhskoy kommuny  panfilovo  pangody  panino  pankovka  pankrushikha  parabel  paranga  paraul  parfenyevo  parfino  pargolovo  parkovyy  parma  partizan  partizanskoye  partizansk  partsa  pashiya  pashkovskiy  pavda  pavelets  pavino  pavlodolskaya  pavlogradka  pavlovka  pavlovka  pavlovo  pavlovo  pavlovskaya  pavlovskaya sloboda  pavlovskiy  pavlovskiy posad  pavlovsk  pavlovsk  pavlovsk  pechenga  pechora  pechory  pelagiada  peleduy  pelym  peno  penza  peredovaya  pereleshino  pereleshinskiy  perelyub  peremyshl  perepravnaya  pereslavl-zalesskiy  perevolotskiy  perevoz  pereyaslovskaya  perm  persianovskiy  pervoavgustovskiy  pervomayskaya  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskiy  pervomayskoye  pervomayskoye  pervomayskoye  pervomayskoye  pervomayskoye  pervomaysk  pervouralsk  pervoye maya  pervoye maya  peschanokopskoye  peshkovo  peski  peski  peskovka  pesochenskiy  pesochnoye  pesochnyy  pestovo  pestravka  pestretsy  pestyaki  petrodvorets  petrokamenskoye  petropavlovka  petropavlovka  petropavlovskaya  petropavlovskaya  petropavlovsk-kamchatskiy-50  petropavlovsk-kamchatskiy  petropavlovskoye  petro-slavyanka  petrovskaya  petrovskiy  petrovskoye  petrovsk  petrovsk-zabaykalskiy  petrov val  petrozavodsk  petukhovo  petushki  pevek  pichayevo  pilna  pindushi  pinega  pinerovka  pinyug  pioner  pionerskiy  pionerskiy  pionerskiy  pirogovo  pirogovskiy  pirovskoye  pistsovo  pitelino  piterka  pitkyaranta  pizhanka  pizhma  planovskoye  plast  plastunovskaya  plastun  platnirovskaya  platonovka  plavsk  plekhanovo  plesetsk  pleshanovo  plotnikovo  plyussa  pochinki  pochinok  podbelsk  poddorye  podgorenskiy  podgornaya  podgornoye  podgornoye  podgorodnyaya pokrovka  podkletnoye  podkumskiy  podlesnoye  podlesnyy  podolsk  podosinovets  podporozhye  podsineye  podstepki  podyuga  pogar  pogranichnyy  poim  pokanayevka  pokhvistnevo  pokosnoye  pokoynoye  pokrovka  pokrovka  pokrovo-prigorodnoye  pokrov  pokrovskoye  pokrovskoye  pokrovskoye  pokrovskoye  pokrovsk  pokrovsk-uralskiy  polazna  polessk  poletayevo  polevskoy  polotnyanyy zavod  polovinnoye  polovinnoye  poltavka  poltavskaya  polunochnoye  polyany  polyarnyye zori  polyarnyy  polysayevo  ponazyrevo  ponezhukay  pontonnyy  ponyri  poplevinskiy  popova  poputnaya  porechye-rybnoye  poretskoye  porkhov  poronaysk  porosozero  poselki  posevnaya  poshekhonye  pospelikha  posyet  potanino  potma  povarovo  povenets  povolzhskiy  povorino  poyarkovo  poykovskiy  pozhva  praskoveya  pravda  pravdinskiy  pravdinsk  pravokubanskiy  pravokumskoye  predivinsk  predporozhnyy  pregradnaya  pregradnoye  preobrazheniye  preobrazhenskaya  priamurskiy  priargunsk  pribelskiy  pridonskoy  prigorodka  prigorodnoye  prigorodnyy  priiskovyy  priiskovyy  prikubanskiy  priladozhskiy  primalkinskoye  primore  primorka  primorskiy  primorsko-akhtarsk  primorsk  primorsk  primorsk  prirechnyy  pristen  pritomskiy  priupskiy  privodino  privokzalnyy  privokzalnyy  privolnaya  privolnyy  privolzhskiy  privolzhskiy  privolzhsk  privolzhye  priyutnoye  priyutovo  prochnookopskaya  progress  prokhorovka  prokopyevsk  prokudskoye  proletariy  proletarskiy  proletarskiy  proletarsk  promyshlennaya  promyshlennovskiy  promyshlennyy  promysla  pronsk  prosvet  protvino  provideniya  prudy  pryamitsyno  pryazha  przhevalskoye  psebay  psedakh  pshekhskaya  pskov  psygansu  psyzh  ptichye  puchezh  pudem  pudozh  puksoozero  purpe  pushchino  pushkino  pushkino  pushkin  pushkinskiye gory  pustoshka  putevka  puteyets  putyatino  pyaozerskiy  pyatigorskiy  pyatigorsk  pyatnitskoye  pyatovskiy  pychas  pyra  pyshchug  pyshma  pytalovo  radchenko  radishchevo  raditsa-krylovka  radovitskiy  raduzhnyy  rakhya  rakitnoye  ramasukha  ramenskoye  rameshki  ramon  rasshevatskaya  rasskazovo  rassvet  rassvet  raychikhinsk  rayevskaya  rayevskiy  razdolinsk  razdolnaya  razdolnoye  razumnoye  razvilka  razvilnoye  rebrikha  rechitsy  redkino  reftinskiy  remontnoye  repino  repnoye  reshetikha  reshetnikovo  rettikhovka  reutov  revda  revda  revyakino  rezh  rochegda  rodino  rodionovo-nesvetayskaya  rodniki  rodniki  rodnikovskaya  rognedino  rogovatoye  rogovskaya  romanovka  romanovka  romanovo  romanovskaya  romny  romodanovo  roshal  roshchino  roshchino  roshni-chu  roslavl  roslyakovo  rossosh  rostovka  rostov-na-donu  rostov  rovenki  rovnoye  roza  rozhdestveno  rozhdestveno  rtishchevo  rubtsovsk  rudnaya pristan  rudnichnyy  rudnichnyy 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 sedkyrkeshch  segezha  selenduma  selenginsk  selikhino  selishche  selizharovo  seltso  selty  selyatino  semibratovo  semikarakorsk  semiletka  semiluki  semkhoz  sengiley  sennoy  sentyabrskiy  serafimovich  serafimovskiy  serdobsk  serebryanyy bor  seredeyskiy  seredka  sergach  sergeyevka  sergiyev posad  sergiyevsk  sergokala  sernovodskoye  sernovodsk  sernur  serov  serpukhov  sertolovo  seryshevo  serzhen-yurt  seshcha  sestroretsk  severka  severnoye  severnoye  severnoye  severnyy-kospashskiy  severnyy  severnyy  severnyy  severnyy  severnyy  severobaykalsk  severodvinsk  severo-kurilsk  severomorsk  severomuysk  severouralsk  severo-yeniseyskiy  severo-zadonsk  severskaya  seversk  sevsk  seymchan  shaami-yurt  shablykino  shabrovskiy  shadrinsk  shafranovo  shagonar  shakhovskaya  shakhta  shakhty  shakhunya  shalakusha  shalazhi  shalinskoye  shalushka  shalya  shamary  shamilkala  shamkhal  shamkhal-termen  sharanga  sharan  sharkan  sharlyk  sharoy  sharya  shatalovo  shatki  shatoy  shatrovo  shatsk  shatura  shaturtorf  shaygino  shcheglovo  shchelkun  shchelyayur  shcherbinka  shchigry  shchuchye  shebalino  shebekino  shebunino  shedok  sheksna  shelabolikha  shelekhov  shelkovskaya  shelopugino  sheltozero  shemordan  shemursha  shemysheyka  shenkursk  shentala  shepsi  sherbakul  sheregesh  sheremetyevskiy  sherlovaya gora  shestakovo  shigony  shikhany  shikhazany  shilka  shilovo  shilovo  shimanovsk  shimorskoye  shimsk  shipitsyno  shipunovo  shira  shiringushi  shirochanka  shirokaya rechka  shirokiy  shirokiy  shirokovskiy  shitkino  shkotovo-22  shkotovo-26  shkotovo  shkurinskaya  sholokhovskiy  shonguy  shudayag  shugurovo  shumerlya  shumikha  shumikhinskiy  shumskiy  shumyachi  shushary  shushenskoye  shuya  shuya  shuyskoye  shvartsevskiy  sibay  sibirskiy  sibirtsevo  sigayevo  silikatnyy  sim  sindor  sinegorskiy  sinegorskiy  sinegorsk  sinegorye  sinyavino  sinyavskoye  sirtich  sitniki  siukh  sivaki  siva  siverskiy  skalistyy  skalnyy  skhodnya  skopin  skorodnoye  skoropuskovskiy  skovorodino  skuratovskiy  sladkovo  slantsy  slavgorodskoye  slavgorod  slavsk  slavyanka  slavyansk-na-kubani  sloboda  slobodskoy  slyudyanka  smidovich  smirnykh  smolenka  smolenskaya  smolenskoye  smolensk  smolino  smolyaninovo  smyshlyayevka  snegiri  snezhnogorsk  snezhnogorsk  sobinka  sobolevo  sochi  sofiysk  sofrino  sogdiondon  sokolniki  sokolovo-kundryuchenskiy  sokolovo  sokolovskoye  sokolovyy  sokolskoye  sokol  sokol  sokol  sokol  sokur  soldato-aleksandrovskoye  soldatskaya  solginskiy  soligalich  solikamsk  sol-iletsk  solnechnogorsk  solnechnoye  solnechnoye  solnechnyy  solnechnyy  solnechnyy  solntsevo  solomenskoye  soloneshnoye  solotcha  solovetskiy  solton  soltsy  soluno-dmitriyevskoye  solvychegodsk  solyanka  somovo  sonkovo  sorochinsk  sorokino  sorsk  sortavala  sosenskiy  soskovo  sosnogorsk  sosnovka  sosnovka  sosnovka  sosnovka  sosnovoborsk  sosnovoborsk  sosnovo-ozerskoye 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 staromaryevka  starominskaya  staromyshastovskaya  staronizhestebliyevskaya  staropavlovskaya  staropesterevo  staropyshminsk  staroshcherbinovskaya  starosubkhangulovo  starotimoshkino  starotitarovskaya  staroutkinsk  starovelichkovskaya  staroye drozhzhanoye  starozhilovo  star  staryy biser  staryy cherek  staryye atagi  staryy nadym  staryy oskol  staryy urukh  stavropol  stavrovo  stekolnyy  stepantsevo  stepnoye  stepnoye  sterlibashevo  sterlitamak  stodolishche  stolbishche  stolbovaya  storozhevaya  stoyba  streletskoye  strelitsa  strelka  strelka  strelna  strezhevoy  strizhi  stroitel  strunino  stulovo  stupino  subkhankulovo  suda  sudislavl  sudogda  sudzha  sug-aksy  sukhaya buyvola  sukhinichi  sukhobezvodnoye  sukhobuzimskoye  sukhodol  sukhoverkovo  sukhoy log  sukpak  suksun  suleya  sumkino  suna  suntar  sunzha  suoyarvi  suponevo  sura  surazh  surgut  surgut  surkhakhi  surok  surovatikha  surovikino  surskoye  sursk  susanino  suslonger  suslovo  susuman  suvorovskaya  suvorov  suzdal  suzun  svecha  sven  sverdlovskiy  svetlaya  svetlogorsk  svetlograd  svetlopolyansk  svetlyy  svetlyy  svetlyy  svetlyy  svetlyy yar  svetogorsk  svirsk  svirstroy  svobodnyy  svobodnyy  svobody  syamzha  syasstroy  syava  sychevka  syktyvkar  sylva  syntul  synya  syrskoye  sysert  syumsi  syzran  tabory  tabuny  taganrog  takhtamukay  takhtamygda  taksimo  talakan  talaya  taldan  taldom  talitsa  talitsy  talmenka  talnakh  talovaya  talovyy  tamala  taman  tambovka  tambovka  tambov  tankhoy  tarasovskiy  tara  tarbagatay  tarbagatay  taremskoye  tarki  tarko-sale  tarnogskiy gorodok  tarskoye  tarumovka  tarusa  taseyevo  tashara  tashla  tashtagol  tashtyp  tatarka  tatarskaya kargala  tatarskaya pishlya  tatarsk  tatishchevo  tatsinskaya  tavatuy  tavda  tavrichanka  tavricheskoye  tayga  tayginka  tayshet  taytsy  tayturka  tayzhina  tazovskiy  tbilisskaya  teberda  teeli  teguldet  tekstilshchik  telma  telnovskiy  temiraul  temirgoyevskaya  temirtau  temizhbekskaya  temizhbekskiy  temnikov  tempy  temryuk  temyasovo  tengushevo  terbuny  terekli-mekteb  terek  terenga  tereze  terney  ternovka  ternovskaya  terskaya  tevriz  teya  teykovo  tigil  tikhmenevo  tikhoretsk  tikhvin  tiksi  tilichiki  timiryazevskiy  timiryazevskoye  tim  tinskoy  tirlyanskiy  tishchenskoye  tisul  tlyarota  tlyustenkhabl  tobolsk  toguchin  togul  togur  toksovo  tokur  tolbazy  tolmachevo  tolmachevo  tolstoy-yurt  tolyatti  tomari  tomarovka  tomilino  tommot  tomsk  tonkino  tonnelnyy  tonshayevo  toora-khem  topchikha  topolevo  torbeyevo  torfyanoy  torgo  toropets  torzhok  tosno  totma  totskoye  tovarkovo  tovarkovskiy  toyohara  tpig  tretiy severnyy  troitskaya  troitskaya  troitskiy  troitskiy  troitsko-pechorsk  troitskoye  troitskoye  troitskoye  troitskoye  troitskoye  troitskoye  troitskoye  troitsk  troitsk  trosna  trudarmeyskiy  trudobelikovskiy  trudovoye  trud  trunovskoye  tsagan aman  tselina  tselinnoye  tselinnoye  tsementnozavodskiy  tsementnyy  tsentoroy  tsentralnyy-kospashskiy  tsentralnyy  tsentralnyy  tsentralnyy  tsibanobalka  tsilna  tsimlyansk  tsivilsk  tsotsin-yurt  tsurib  tuapse  tubinskiy  tuchkovo  tugolesskiy bor  tugulym  tuim  tukan  tula  tulskiy  tulun  tumannyy  tuma  tumbotino  tungor  tunoshna  tupik  turan  tura  turgenevo  turgoyak  turinskaya sloboda  turinsk  turka  turki  turochak  turtas  turukhansk  tutayev  tuymazy  tuzha  tver  tyarlevo  tyazhinskiy  tygda  tymovskoye  tynda  tyret pervaya  tyrma  tyube  tyubuk  tyukalinsk  tyukhtet  tyulgan  tyulyachi  tyumentsevo  tyumen  ubinskoye  uchaly  uchkeken  uchkent  udachnyy  udarnyy  udarnyy  udarnyy  udelnaya  udimskiy  udobnaya  udomlya  ufa  ufimskiy  uglegorskiy  uglegorsk  uglekamensk  uglerodovskiy  ugleuralskiy  uglezavodsk  uglich  uglovka  uglovoye  uglovskoye  uglyanets  ugra  uinskoye  ukholovo  ukhta  uk  ulagan  ulan-ude  ulety  ulkan  ulluaya  ullubiyaul  ulukulevo  ulu-telyak  ulyanovka  ulyanovo 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 vakhrushevo  vakhrushev  vakhrushi  vakhtan  valday  valerianovsk  valerik  valuyki  vanavara  vanino  varenikovskaya  vargashi  varlamovo  varna  varnavino  vasilkovo  vasilsursk  vasilyevo  vasilyevskiy mokh  vasyurinskaya  vatutinki  vavozh  vazhiny  vedeno  veletma  velikent  velikie luki  velikiy novgorod  velikiy ustyug  velikodvorskiy  velikooktyabrskiy  velikovechnoye  velizh  velsk  vengerovo  ventsy  verbilki  vereshchagino  vereya  verkh-chebula  verkhnebakanskiy  verkhnechusovskiye gorodki  verkhnedneprovskiy  verkhne-katunskoye  verkhnetulomskiy  verkhneuralsk  verkhnevilyuysk  verkhneyarkeyevo  verkhneye dubrovo  verkhneye kazanishche  verkh-neyvinskiy  verkhniy at-uryakh  verkhniy avzyan  verkhniy baskunchak  verkhniye achaluki  verkhniye kigi  verkhniye sergi  verkhniye tatyshly  verkhniy fiagdon  verkhniy kurkuzhin  verkhniy landekh  verkhniy lomov  verkhniy mamon  verkhniy naur  verkhniy tagil  verkhniy ufaley  verkhniy uslon  verkhniy zgid  verkhnyaya balkariya 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 zykovo  zyryanka  zyryanovskiy  zyryanskoye  zyukayka  zyuzelskiy  

What do you think about Russia?

How expensive is Russia?
Meal in inexpensive restaurant12.62 USD
3-course meal in restaurant (for 2)50.25 USD
McDonalds meal7.2 USD
Local beer (0.5 draft)1.56 USD
Foreign beer (0.33 bottle) 3.02 USD
Cappuccino2.72 USD
Pepsi/Coke (0.33 bottle)1.11 USD
Water (0.33 bottle)0.86 USD
Milk (1l)1.32 USD
Fresh bread (500g)0.65 USD
White Rice (1kg)1.12 USD
Eggs (12) 1.76 USD
Local Cheese (1kg) 8.38 USD
Chicken Breast (1kg) 5.49 USD
Apples (1kg) 1.64 USD
Oranges (1kg) 1.98 USD
Tomato (1kg) 2.17 USD
Potato (1kg) 0.85 USD
Lettuce (1 head) 1.23 USD
Water (1.5l)0.76 USD
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 8.14 USD
Domestic Beer (0.5 bottle)1.39 USD
Foreign beer (0.33 bottle) 2.13 USD
Cigarettes2.17 USD
One way local bus ticket0.58 USD
Monthly pass for bus33.43 USD
Taxi start3.04 USD
Taxi 1km0.43 USD
Taxi 1hour waiting9.99 USD
Gasoline (1 liter) 0.83 USD
Utilities for a "normal" apartment156.82 USD
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 21.23 USD
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 568.72 USD
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 403.25 USD
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 874.21 USD, your travel companion

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