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Intro to travelling in Malta

Whenever someone goes travelling, people tend do some research about their upcoming chill'o'location. The amount of research varies. I, for example, check weather, prices and maybe the Wikipedia. So, what was I expecting? And before I continue, this is all based on internet, what I actually experienced you can read in next posts.

The weather in the beginning of April is good, warm in the sense of 15-20 degrees, really warm during the day, t-shirts and shorts for the likes of me.

Let's start from the most important one, the price of beer. Based on internet research a pint of beer in bars is roughly 2 euros, with Valetta's price at 1.50 and Sliema's price at 2.50. Food in average (more so in inexpensive places) places anywhere from 5-10 euros. Hotels, based on search through anywhere from 15 - 25 euros in the cheaper end during not-so-peak-season.

Considering Malta is just 316 km2 small the number of its inhabitants is huge - 416,055. Languages spoken are Maltese, English, and also Italian.

The cars ratio to people and roads is huge. In Malta there are roughly 180 000 cars (based on data from 1990), making the density of cars 582 /km2. As of December 2003 there's 2254 km or roads of which 87.5% are paved. What I also read is that it's good NOT to rent a car here as the drivers here aren't too good. Plus if you're not used to the wrong-side traffic (sorry my dear English friends) it's difficult to get used to.

Anything else? Nah, why?

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