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Travel alone or with someone?

2017-06-27 02:32:37

Most people have a desire to travel, might it be for a short holiday or for a full round the world tour. That is because we want to see and experience more from this world, and our planet has so much to offer that it would be a shame not to witness its beauty from our own eyes, as opposed to just seeing it through a television or computer screen. But when it comes to that point when we have the opportunity to go out and live our travelling dreams, the question often pops up: Do we travel alone or do we bring someone else with us?

Travelling as a couple
Being in a long term relationship, it would be hard to go around the globe without taking our loved one with us. Not only would they not appreciate being left aside, but we don’t want to be separated from them neither, in fact we want to share that experience with them. Travelling can bring couples even closer together as they get left with precious memories that they can talk about for the rest of their lives; and it would be a real shame for any couple to miss out on that experience.

However some couples have been known to reach a breaking point when traveling, and that is because unlike most working days, they end up spending almost 100% of their time together. As they are stuck in a foreign country together, there is no escaping one another. Also travelling can take its toll on people, whether it’s the too hot or too cold climate or the lack of familiar surroundings. So the sticking point here is the following: if you decide to travel together, make sure you understand fully what you are getting into; and also make sure both parties are happy with the chosen location(s).

Travelling alone
Travelling alone is scary, but it is a lot of fun for people who wish to explore their own individual selves. Not being dependent from someone else can really give us the freedom to do what we want; and there is no shortage of things to do when it comes to visiting other countries. Of course we don’t have a partner to share our moments with, but it encourages to meet new people and makes it possible for us to find that ideal holiday romance with a foreign girl (or guy) we have always been dreaming about. You know those romances you see in movies or read about in books; two souls from completely different ships sailing past each other… that’s if you are into romance and love.

Of course there are those who enjoy being a bit naughtier and want to have fun without having to bring someone with them. If this is you, then you can always use dating websites to your advantage. After all many dating sites are international, so for example if you are travelling in India you can always browse for adventurers such as yourself on sites such as SexWithNoStrings India or other naughty places. You should however know that different countries have different customs when it comes to dating, so make sure you do not disrespect those customs, or at least act discreet.

Ultimately you have to do what feels best for you. If you are in a relationship then don’t leave your partner on the side, and make sure you both agree on where to go and what to do. If you are single, why not head to the great adventure and have that holiday fling / romance you’ve always wanted!, your travel companion

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