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Woman killed in Sint Maarten's airport by a jet-engine blast

2017-07-14 04:19:40

Princess Juliana International Airport, airport of a beautiful Caribbean island country Sint Maarten, known across the globe for spectacular views from the beach. If you didn't know, the airport starts just 50 meters from the beach and the planes that land can be very close to the people standing on the beach.
However, this time, one woman, 57-year-old New Zealander, got killed while standing at a fence separating the Maho beach and the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport. While it's dangerous to watch the planes there too close, it's a known tourist attraction. The danger comes from the blasts of the jet engines and powerful winds when the planes are landing.

The woman had been hanging on to the fence together with a number of other people, but she was blown away by the jet blast and was critically injured. She died shortly after at Sint Maarten Medical Center.
There are warning signs around the airport to keep the dangerous area free of people, during busy hours also the police patrols the area, but tourists and aviation enthusiasts usually don't care.

While people have been injured before, as in 2012 when two tourists were blown away by the jet-engine blast, the 57-year-old woman is the first fatality.

It's dangerous, it can be deadly, but I have a feeling that even most of the readers here would consider checking the airport out from as close as possible., your travel companion

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