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Auckland To Christchurch: Top Tourist Spots

2017-09-08 02:02:59

If you are heading to New Zealand for a road trip then you are certainly in for the adventure of a lifetime. From thriving cities to miles of unspoiled forests to stretches of unbelievable wild beach, New Zealand is a traveller's dream and consistently draws thousands of curious road trippers each year from within and outside the country. Due to the sheer abundance of hotspots in New Zealand, it can seem overwhelming if you are planning a trip and putting together your list of destinations. To make it easier, below you will find the absolute top tourist spots that are must sees for your trip. This way you can be sure that your campervan hire New Zealand is pointed in the right direction for your trip.

A thriving and cosmopolitan city on the North Island, Auckland is the largest metropolis in New Zealand. Here you will find a lively nightlife scene including high-end clubs, music venues, and dive bars and a diverse array of restaurants encompassing a wide range of different types of foods. The shopping here is great as well, featuring many funky boutiques and even luxury shops. Auckland is also a beautiful city with a glittering skyline, located right on the water. There are public beaches and parks, and the lively atmosphere has been attracting visitors for many decades.

Fiordland National Park
This is a World Heritage Site that features some of the most breathtaking scenery to be found anywhere in the world. Here you will find otherworldly landscapes dotted with ancient glaciers and fjords. There are wild rivers and gushing cascades, miles of unspoiled rainforests, dozens of undeveloped islands offshore, and unbelievable mountain ranges. This is some of the best hiking the world has to offer, not to mention the skiing and kayaking. Even if you’re not going to be doing any outdoor activities, then just drinking in the scenery of Fiordland will be enough.

Bay Of Islands
The North Island’s Bay of Islands is by far one of the most visited sites in all of New Zealand. Here there are over 144 islands dotting a glittering bay. This is all unspoiled, wild beach and has to be seen to be believed. When you think of a subtropical paradise, then the Bay Of Islands should come to mind. The bay itself is perfect for sailing, and the miles of unspoiled beaches are ideal for lounging, swimming, and hiking. A popular fishing spot, the Bay is home to massive marlin and swimmers and boaters can spot dolphins and whales as well. If you’ve always wondered what the wild beaches of New Zealand are like, then make sure your campervan hire New Zealand takes in the Bay Of Islands.

ocated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and in full view of the snow capped peaks of the Remarkables, Queenstown is one of the top destinations for travellers due to its reputation as an adventure capital. Here you will find some of the best whitewater rafting in the world, rock climbing, paragliding, jet boating, bungee jumping, and many other adrenaline-inducing activities. There are also several diverse hiking trails that allow travellers to take in the undeniable beauty of the region. Queenstown itself features great spas and hotels, eating, and shopping. This mix of rugged outdoor activities and metropolitan attractions offers travellers the best of both worlds.

Wildlife enthusiasts travelling on the South Island will want to pencil in Kaikoura, which features sperm and humpback whales, fur seals, dolphins, and an amazing range of exotic birds including the albatross. Seafood lovers will be in heaven here, as the fresh crayfish, mussels, and clams are some of the best the world has to offer. The hikes here are unbelievable as well, with miles of unspoiled Pacific Ocean coastline to explore. Kaikoura is a nature lover’s paradise, and is definitely a must see on your New Zealand road trip.

Located on the east coast of the South Island, Christchurch is a scenic and laidback city that is beautiful to behold and is full of great attractions. The Avon River flows right through the centre of the city, with walking and bike trails lining it. The botanical gardens here are not be missed, featuring dozens of miles of lush canopies and meadows packed with many rare flowers, plants, and birds. You can also check out the city’s historic stone buildings and the expanse of Hagley Park, truly one of the most beautiful urban parks in the world. This green and lush city is certainly not to be missed when travelling on the South Island.

New Zealand is one of the top road trip destinations in the world, featuring an assortment of unspoiled nature and cosmopolitan excitement. As long as you keep these top destinations in mind before you pick up your campervan hire New Zealand and hit the road, you can rest assured you won’t be missing any of the must see attractions along the way., your travel companion

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