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Cruise lines offer help in transporting provisions and picking up stranded tourists

2017-09-10 02:35:15

Sometimes you read a news story and you just get a smile on your face. While the reason this time isn't something to smile about - hurricane Irma - what can bring a smile on your face is when you read about people helping other people without asking for anything in return. Or in this case, cruise liners working together with authorities and help in transporting provisions to where they are needed and picking up stranded tourists.

Firstly there was a news that Royal Caribbean evacuated its own employees away from the storm. Yesterday, the CEO of the company also said that they'll be using four of their ships for Irma relief efforts, picking up stranded people as well as deliver provisions where needed.

In addition to Royal Caribbean, also Norwegian Cruise Line deployed one of their ships to pick up stranded tourists in the Caribbean. "Norwegian Cruise Line is working closely with the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association and the governor of St. Thomas to execute this rescue mission. Acting as a responsible corporate citizen and supporting the destinations that our ships operate in is a core value of Norwegian Cruise Line." they said in their statement on Friday.

Some could say that some of the cruise ships were empty or half empty anyway, and it doesn't cost them much. Or that they get everything back from "free" advertising. But that's besides the point. The point is that they are helping, for free. What they will or won't get back in return without asking for it, has no bearing on anything., your travel companion

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