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Get Yourself Rolling: 5 Awesome Destinations You Should Never Miss Out

2018-12-26 05:30:26

Many people love to travel. Traveling to destinations that are exceptional and beautiful are always fun and exciting. However, a strict budget and time constraints may be the deciding factor in where you spend your tourist dollars.

When researching places to travel, schoolies 2019 has a list of the ultimate starting point and last stops for students and travelers of different ages.

Here are the 5 most awesome destinations to consider for your next travel excursion.

1. The Dalmatian Islands
If beaches are your game, then one of the most beautiful beaches can be found along the Dalmatian Coast. This group of island getaways has nothing to do with dogs, and boasts some of the clearest, bluest waters in the world.

The area is Croatia and contains several islands, including Split, Korčula and Hvar. There is so much more to do than lay on the beach or take a dip in the beautiful waters. Roman ruins are a must-explore when visiting this group of ancient islands.

2. The Mountains of Montenegro
If mountains are something you enjoy, Montenegro, located in Southeastern Europe along the Adriatic Sea, boarders Herzegovina and Bosnia, is among the gorgeous areas in the world.

There are some of the best and most beautiful state parks located in Montenegro and the mountain views are beautiful. These parks are dotted with many wonderful lakes that are easily accessible from the coast. A rafting trip is another way to enjoy this rugged and handsome area.

3. The Mojave Desert
When people think of a desert, they typically think of hot sun, lots of sand and nothing else. This is far from what travelers experience in the Mojave Desert located in Southern Nevada, Southeastern California and small parts in Arizona and Utah in the United States.

The Mojave desert is the smallest in North America, although It contains the popular Death Valley National Park and the Joshua Tree. This yucca-tree like plant is only located in the Mojave Desert, at higher elevations rather than the low-lying areas.

In addition to the Death Valley National Park, and the Joshua Tree National Park, the Mojave contains two other exceptional parks; Mojave National Preserve and Lake Mead National Recreational Area.

4. Prague, Czechoslovak Republic
Located in the Czechoslovak Republic, Prague shows up in the most beautiful cities of the world lists year after year. This economic, political, and cultural center of Europe is the capital of the historical city of Bohemia.

Visitors can immerse themselves in Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance era architecture, culture, and cuisine. There are several cultural attractions to visit such as the Old Town Square; the Prague Astronomical Clock; the Prague Castle, and the Jewish Quarter. There are numerous museums; galleries; historical exhibits; theatres, and cinemas to lose yourself. Prague is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and always worth a visit.

5. Positano, Italy
One of the Amalfi Coast's small, yet extremely colorful towns, Positano feels like a dream. If you are tired of your drab, dull, and colorless life, Positano will cure that the moment you arrive.

The cliffside homes are bright and beautiful. Vivid yellow, bright orange, deep burgundy, and so many other colors of the rainbow adorn this ancient city by the sea.

The narrow streets are winding pathways lined with citrus trees, shops filled with handmade items created by the town's well-known craftsmen, and the beautiful tile-domed church.

This is only five of the many beautiful, unique, and peaceful locations awaiting travelers now and for years to come., your travel companion

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