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What to consider before moving to Milan

2019-04-29 03:33:45

People either love of hate Italy. But I guess that's the same with almost any place. It's sort of also the same with pizza - which, when we talk about Italy, is an entire topic by itself. And when it comes to loving or hating Italy, it's not just about to foreigners I'm talking about here - there's a great rivalry between the North and South of Italy. People in Rome don't like Milan much and people in Milan don't like Rome much. Why? There are several reasons for that, depending on whom you ask you might get dozens of different answers. But I guess one of the reasons why people from Rome might not like Milan is because of the fast pace of lifestyle.

Before deciding to move to Milan, the pace of the city is definitely something you should consider. If you're looking for a slow, relaxed, laid back city, Milan might not be for you. But if the fast pace doesn't frighten you, Milan can be a nearly perfect place. Some people have said that you can live in the city for 25 years, and still find out new things about Milan after all this time.

Milan is well known for its fashion industry, so much so that nowadays it doesn't actually even make sense to mention it anymore - it's something everyone knows. It's the city where fashion as well as marketing sector offers more opportunities to people than pretty much anywhere else.

Not only is Milan famous for...the thing we won't mention anymore, but there are also SEVEN universities. While for many of us universities are not what comes to our mind when thinking about Milan, in 2018 the city actually ranked 36th in the list of QS Best Student Cities.

If you're thinking of moving to Milan, you'll probably want to find a local job here as well, considering the rents in Milan can be quite expensive. You can find jobs as well as accommodation offers at Wanted in Milan: accommodation and jobs vacant. Moving anywhere new is always difficult - or well, at least there tends to be a learning curve. Simply because we don't know how things work in the new place yet. Only after a while, in some places the while might take slightly longer than in others, we discover that in its own way, it all makes sense.

Milan is a truly international city where the majority of the people living there were not born there - this makes the city extremely diverse, and more tolerant than many other cities in Italy, or in the world. Yet, while Milan is huge in many ways, it's actually a small city compared to other major capitals, you can actually cross Milan on foot in 45 minutes if you wanted to.

It's been said that Milan is a city where it takes a long time to feel 'local', and once you do, you'll still feel a bit like a tourist. But if you'd like to move to a city full of models, artists, designers, to a city where many streets feel like catwalks, and everyone seems to be dressed up all the time, Milan might be the place to be., your travel companion

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