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Quick Travel Tips for Gamblers

2020-01-29 10:26:21

If you're an advantage gambler, someone who finds legal ways to generate an edge over casinos, it's likely that you travel out of state quite frequently to gamble. With that said, US gambling cities, like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, have a few specific things they're on the lookout for. Keep these helpful hints in mind when traveling.

Going Through Airport Security
There are few things that gamblers can do to cause some eyebrows to raise during security checkpoints and cause more. The first being the way tickets are purchased. One-way tickets, buying tickets in cash, buying them last minute can all draw attention. On the contrary, utilizing frequent flier miles to fly can almost immediately green-light you through without any hassle.

Multiple player cards should be handled strategically. For one, it's best to keep them in a carry-on bag. This avoids the risk of losing them and not having them ready for play when you land. You can also keep them sealed in an envelope. Without a warrant, security can't open up an envelope, leaving your cards intact and untouched.

Another biggie is the amount of cash you're traveling with. Same way with player cards, you can also carry cash sealed in an envelope. A good method of handling cash is dividing it up in 4-5k bundlers. Players should be able to carry at least $100k without causing any concern. Cash doesn't set off a metal detector, so you could keep it sealed in various pockets if you don't want to leave it sealed in your carry-on bag. Having a legal letter drafted stating that you're a professional gambler can help curb ambitious security agents as well.

Staying at Hotels
Sometimes, it's not the wisest idea to stay where you play as an advantage gambler. This is especially the case if you're doing hot at the tables. It will cause security to pay closer attention to you, which can be an even bigger hassle if you've traveled to a tournament with family or friends. Once the security cameras see you as a potential threat, they can lock in on you for the rest of your stay there. In the worst-case scenario, you could even get evicted from your hotel room if the cards are going sour for the house.

If you can, try to reserve lodging outside of the casinos you'll be playing at. It will make for a more relaxing experience after a long day of play and you're ready to hit the sheets and relax, unbothered.

Utilizing Online Play In Different States
Keep in mind that while a city may offer land-based casinos, it doesn't automatically mean that online gambling in that state is legal. One thing to know about online play is that it varies from state to state. If you're engaging in online casino play during your downtime between live play, you'll want to check up on the laws for the particular state that you're in. You'll also want to keep up on new online casinos to make sure you're getting the most value for your play. New sites typically offer attractive bonuses and rewards to new-time players that you won't want to miss out on., your travel companion

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