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Casablanca is the country’s busiest port and commercial hub of Morocco. With a population of over 3.5 million, Casablanca is a relatively small city packed with great attractions. You always heard that Casablanca is not worth visiting, so you are confused about whether you should take some time to explore Casablanca or not.

You do not want to spend weeks in Casablanca? No problem! You can still visit Casablanca’s most famous attractions, even if you take out a few days from your tour. French colonial and tr... continue reading

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What's inside
We're here to help you with anything you might need before your trip, during your trip, or even after you've finish your trip. We try to help you with planning your trip and we are also thinking of creating our own simple free trip planner for you to use. We will do our best to help you travel cheap buy giving your resources to find cheap flights the easiest and most straightforward and also help you finding cheap hotel rooms or stay at private apartments. Or if you're looking for something better, more of a quality accommodation for best price, we help you with that as well.

But these are just some of your travel needs you might need or want help with. Additionally you might be looking for quick travel insurance if you've forgotten to do it at home, or want to check if there's anything happening in the country right now and if it's actually safe to go there. Or if you're not like me, and actually want to book attractions for something to do during your trip, or if you're going for a longer time, why not study some languages by taking language courses abroad during your travel.

Or if your travel bags are out of commission and you really need to buy a new travel bag, we'll try to help you with a few options, the fast or the cheap ones, depending on what you need at the moment.

We also offer you access to vast amounts of travel guides and my favorite bit of it all, travel books or books you can read during your travels.

And that's the beginning of it. Sign up here to write and share your travel diary, travel photos, and your current location with all of your friends., your travel companion

We all like to travel. I created for you and me and others like us, people who are always looking for somewhere to travel. Be it a country you've never been to before, or a country you've visited for seven times already. Create your travel profile and share your travel updates with friends, find the perfect cheap flight tickets and book the cheapest hotels around the world. In case of any problems, just drop me a line!

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The best place to start, obviously, would be to create register (for free) and create your own traveller profile and start sharing your travel updates with friends. And of course, any time you start thinking of going travelling, use to search for flights, cheap hotels and rooms as well as things to do while travelling.


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