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15 May, 2017 05:32
Compass lounge
Morning coffee time!

Compass lounge
11 May, 2017 17:39
Caseys bar
What else, beer!

Casey's bar
26 Apr, 2017 04:36
Compass lounge
Malta. Beer. Still homeless, but I am *already* thinking of starting to look for something.

Compass lounge
25 Apr, 2017 19:52
Dusseldorf Weeze Airport
Got to say the airport ain't the warmest place in the world.

Dusseldorf Weeze Airport
25 Apr, 2017 16:56
Dusseldorf Weeze Airport
Ryanair wasn't as bad as expected. Independent of the fact that the flight took exactly as much time as advertised, the cabin crew said we arrived 20 minutes early. Weeze Airport, well, it's okay, but it does leave the impression that Germany might have a huge energy problem. Managed to find ONE place to charge my phone. ONE. Okay, there was one at the cafeteria as well but that closed.

Dusseldorf Weeze Airport
25 Apr, 2017 12:21
Tallinn Airport
Destination, surprise, surprise, Malta. First flight in an hour, time to experience Ryanair's comfort soon.

Tallinn Airport
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mediacurse's thoughts on politics
Trump's the devil and Hillary's the crook. Well, basically, the world is going to hell.

mediacurse's thoughts on smoking
Only smoking during the moments between quitting.

mediacurse's thoughts on drinking
Beer is nice!

mediacurse's thoughts on nightlife
Thoughts about beer come to mind again.

mediacurse's thoughts on sports
Goes well together with beer. Some sports is needed to keep the beer belly from showing up (too much).

mediacurse's thoughts on life
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive., your travel companion

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